Tips for Proper Inhaler Technique for Asthma Management

Tips for Proper Inhaler Technique for Asthma Management


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  • Date: 06 Apr,2024

Delivering the right medicine effectively and managing asthma properly are heavily dependent on correct use of inhalers.

Here is how to correctly use an inhaler:

Read the Instructions:

Begin reading the instructions that came with your inhaler, word by word. Several types of inhalers may come with specific instructions to follow.

Shake the Inhaler:

Some types of inhalers should be shaken before using in order to mix their content well. Check whether you need to shake it or not from its guide.

Prepare the Inhaler:

If your inhaler has a cap then remove it and make sure that the mouthpiece is clean and free from blockages.

Prime the Inhaler (if required):

Some inhalers need priming; this is done before first use or if they have not been used within certain period of time as stipulated in their guides.

Breathe Out:

Prior to using your inhaler, blow out fully to get rid of all air from your lungs as much as possible.

Hold the Inhaler Correctly:

Invert your inhalation apparatus when holding it so that its mouthpiece becomes down and canister remains up there. Your finger should hold it at canister end instead of covering its mouthpiece while doing so

Create a Seal:

Put an airtight seal around your lips with a tight grip using them around for the mouthpiece when you put back into your mouth having positioned it there

Inhale Slowly and Deeply:

At about this point you can start inhaling slowly through your mouth as well as taking deep breaths while pressing down on its canister simultaneously at once for medication release.

Hold Your Breath:

After inhaling, hold breath for about 10 seconds or until you feel comfortable enough to exhale again; these ensure that drugs penetrate deep into lungs

Exhale Slowly:

Breath out slowly and steadily away from the inhaler so as not to expel air back into the device.

Wait Before Taking a Second Dose (if required):

For medications that require multiple doses, wait for the recommended period before taking another one

Clean and Store Properly:

After every usage, if need be, wipe dry with a clean cloth. Keep as directed and do not expose it in regions having extreme temperatures or much moisture.

Practice Regularly:

You should practice frequently how to use your inhaler especially for those who are new to inhaling or have been absent from its use for sometime.

Keep Track of Medication Usage:

Monitor your medicine intake to ensure you are following prescriptions accordingly; if you notice unusual high frequency of using an inhaler, then this implies poor control by asthma hence you ought to consult with a medical practitioner.

Follow Up with Your Healthcare Provider:

In order to assess your asthma control periodically, review your use of the inhaler regularly and make any necessary adjustment in treatment strategies, keep on meeting healthcare providers timely

If these techniques are followed and proper practice enforced while using an inhaler then medication can be effectively dispensed thus bettering management of asthma disease . Should you have any queries or worry about how well you use the device ask advice from your doctor or pharmacist without wasting time

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