Tips for Safely Administering Moxicip Eye Drops for Optimal Effectiveness

Tips for Safely Administering Moxicip Eye Drops for Optimal Effectiveness


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  • Date: 09 Jan,2024

Bacterial eye infections are often treated with Moxicip (moxifloxacin) eye drops. Ensuring the right administration of the drugs is vital for maximum effectiveness and prevention of complications.

This is safe to do with Moxicip eye drops:

Wash Your Hands:

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling this ophthalmic solution so as not to lead bacteria into your eyes.

Check the Expiry Date:

Ensure that the Moxicip eye drops are within their expiry date or they will be useless.

Prepare a Clean Environment:

This ensures that you administer the medication in a clean environment and bright room to avoid contamination.

Remove Contact Lenses:

If you wear contacts, ensure they are out before applying it on your eyes; however, ask your optician when it will be appropriate to put them back.

Tilt Your Head Back:

Tilting one’s head back would mean looking up at the ceiling or lying down.

Create a Pouch:

Put your index finger gently under your lower lid until a small pouch is made.

Hold the Bottle Correctly:

Lowering of lower eyelid should be done by using other hand holding a bottle dropper tip of Moxicip eye drops downwards.

Avoid Touching the Eye:

Ensure that no part of dropper touches other body surface including inside of an individual’s eye because that would contaminate it with dirt and dust particles.

Administer The Correct Number Of Drops

Administering the prescribed number of drops directly into this sac, you need to follow as per your doctor’s guidelines.

Close Your Eyes:

Close eyes gently for 1-2 minutes after taking this medicine because it helps medication spread evenly over entire ocular surface.

Wipe Excess Liquid

Use clean tissue to remove any excess liquid around the eye. Refrain from rubbing the eye.

Wait Between Medications

When multiple eye medications are to be used, at least five minutes must elapse between their application in order to facilitate sufficient absorption.

Follow the Prescribed Schedule:

You need to take the drug according to a schedule and complete treatment fully even if you feel better before it is over.

Avoid Contaminating the Bottle

Do not touch tip of dropper on any surface and never allow other people to have your medicine.

Store Properly

Carefully store Moxicip eye drops as directed. Some types may require refrigeration.

Report Any Issues:

Promptly notify your doctor in case you experience pain, irritation or any other side effects after using this medication.

Just remember to abide by what your healthcare provider has instructed you and follow all directions on its labelling. For more advice regarding how Moxicip eye drops should be used, kindly consult your ophthalmologist for guidance that pertains specifically to you.

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