TM Media is the leading manufacturer of culture media and other microbiology laboratory products—an interview with Mr. Udit Singla, Vice President, Titan Biotech Limited

TM Media is the leading manufacturer of culture media and other microbiology laboratory products—an interview with  Mr. Udit Singla, Vice President, Titan Biotech Limited


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  • Date: 30 Mar,2023

Mr. Udit Singla is Vice President of Titan Biotech Limited, provides a wide range of culture media and other products that are specifically designed for various pharmaceutical testing. All the products are manufactured in accordance with USP/EP/JP/IP. Dey-Engley’s Neutralizing Medium, Soyabean Casein Digest Agar, Soyabean Casein Digest Medium, and other Culture Media are available in Dehydrated as well as Ready-to-Use Plates of 90 mm and 55 mm sizes. Here I am sharing an interesting interaction with Mr. Udit Singla

How can be using Titan Biotech Limited Dehydrated Culture Media and solutions be helpful for a safer and more accurate Microbiology laboratory workflow?

Titan Biotech Limited is the leading manufacturer of culture media and other microbiology laboratory products. The company provides a wide range of Culture Media tailored for different industries to improve routine microbiology laboratory workflows and analysis. Our Dehydrated Culture Media are efficient, consistent in quality, and validated according to regulatory guidelines. Culture Media are manufactured using stringent quality control procedures to ensure consistency in composition and performance. This reduces result variability and ensures that microbiologists can rely on the media to produce accurate and reproducible results. Our Culture Media are designed to be simple to prepare and use, saving time and increasing productivity in the laboratory.

For example, our pre-weighed media formulations and sterile packaging eliminate the need for time-consuming and error-prone weighing and sterilization steps. The Culture Media are optimized to support the growth of a diverse range of microorganisms, including fastidious and slow-growing organisms, allowing laboratories to rely on Titan Biotech Limited for quality and variety.

What have been the main accomplishments of Titan Biotech Limited during the last five years?

I am happy and proud to inform you that we export to 77+ countries. Our distributor customer base is 400+, and because of our constant efforts, we are now one of the leading manufacturers of Biological Media Bases and Culture Media. Our product portfolio includes everything that is required to improve routine microbiology laboratory workflows and analysis, such as Dehydrated Culture Media, Biological Media Bases, Ready-To-Use Medium, Lab Chemicals, Lab Consumables, and Lab Equipment. We cater to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, veterinary, cosmetics, and clinical.

Microbiology is one of the important essentials of quality control of research and development laboratory in Bio-Pharma, Pharma, Food and Beverages Industry. ‘How can Titan Biotech Limited and its solution can improve routine Microbiology laboratory workflow and pharmaceutical analysis?”

We provide a wide range of Culture Media tailored for different industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most important aspects of our products is the “Absolute EM” category. The products in this category are specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry and comply with ISO regulations and Harmonized Pharmacopeia guidelines. This means that they meet strict quality standards, ensuring reliable and accurate results in laboratory testing. Our time-advanced Air Samplers are also an important tool in environmental monitoring. They are designed to capture and collect airborne microorganisms for analysis, making it easier to identify and quantify contaminants in the laboratory environment. Ready-To-Use Broth Bags are another unique product from Titan Biotech Limited. They are pre-sterilized and come with the necessary growth media, making them easy to use and reducing the risk of contamination during preparation.

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Check the Sterility of the Products with TM Media’s Combo Sterility Kit

This saves time and effort for laboratory staff, improving productivity and efficiency in the laboratory. In addition to this, we also provide Combo Sterility Kits for sterility testing and SCDM 5-liter bags for easy media filling. These products are designed to make laboratory testing hassle-free and improve the accuracy and reliability of results. In conclusion, Titan Biotech Limited’s products and solutions can improve routine microbiology laboratory workflow and pharmaceutical analysis by providing reliable, compliant, and innovative products tailored to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it’s time-saving equipment, easy-to-use media, or high-quality consumables, Titan Biotech Limited has a solution that can help improve laboratory productivity and efficiency while maintaining strict quality standards.

What kind of post-sales support do you give? How do you manage that?

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that any issues or concerns that arise after the sale are addressed promptly and to the satisfaction of our customers. To manage our post-sales support, we have a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist customers with any questions or issues they may have. In addition to this, customers can easily download multiple TDs, COAs, and MSDSs with one click from our website. We try our best to address the issues within the turnaround time.

Could you brief some recent innovations and products developed by Titan Biotech Limited for Microbiology laboratory workflow?

All of our products are for the microbiology laboratory workflow. SCDA Ready-to-Use RODAC Plates, Ready-to-Use Broth Bags, Chromogenic Media, Transport Medium with Swabs, Blood Culture Bottles, and Inoculating Loop Sterilizers are some of our best products. They save time and effort for laboratory staff and improve productivity and efficiency in the laboratory. If I talk about a recent product launch, it is the Air Sampler (TME 005) for accurate and hassle-free environmental monitoring. The Air Sampler is easy-to-use and lightweight. It is validated as per BS EN ISO 14698 – Part 1, for physical and biological efficiency and offers PC connectivity to meet 21 CFR: Part 11 requirements. The simple menu navigation and built-in operational protocols make operations simple. In addition to being lightweight, the air sampler is portable. The unique slit design avoids turbulence in unidirectional airflow and re-aspiration of tested air. The unit has inbuilt adaptors for 90 mm and 55 mm plates; therefore, there is no need to make any modifications for 55mm contact plates. Customization for sampling volumes is available, and users can easily export and print data through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The equipment can store up to 10,000 entry logs, and this data can be accessed anytime in the Microbial Air Monitoring System. The equipment supports multiple users, and the data is secured with individual user credentials and three-level authority management. We also provide Nichrome loop sterilizers for safer and more convenient working in a laboratory.

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