Sustainable innovative technologies for laboratories

Sustainable innovative technologies for laboratories


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  • Date: 04 Jul,2022

Managing Director & Head of Product Development, Martyn Fordham has been working in the Chemistry field for over thirty years, going on to form Asynt Ltd in 2003. With a custom glass blowing background, Martyn has been involved in many product developments programs, both for previous employers and now of course Asynt and Uniqsis of which Martyn is also founder and CEO. Martyn is head of product development within Asynt and is keen to expand the portfolio of products available with innovative and useful new tools for the laboratory. Here I am sharing an interesting interaction with Martyn Fordham.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I’ve been working in the Chemistry field for 39 years – beginning as a scientific glass blower – going on to form Asynt Ltd in 2003. Probably my favourite part of what I do at Asynt is running our product development department where we are constantly striving to expand our portfolio of products available with innovative, sustainable and useful new tools for the laboratory.

 Can you inform our readers about Asynt Ltd, what makes the company different and how your business has developed in the last five years?

We have a massive range of skills and experience to draw upon from our team of chemists, engineers, and from those who manage the fundamentals of running the business and caring for our customers.

 This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ needs, supplying solutions which pull together any necessary areas of expertise to provide an effective solution for their laboratory.  I think we’re rather unique in that every member of our team is as valued as the next, and we treat each other and our customers like humans.  That seems to be forgotten in a lot of places!
In the last five years our team has grown substantially and we adapted seamlessly to the global changes in recent years by offering more accessible digital tools for sharing product demonstrations and training for example, and providing a strong support network for our customers.

Manufacturing CondenSyn

Please describe what innovative lab products Asynt offer and who represents them in India?

We are proud to share a huge range of innovative and sustainable tools for the laboratory, including fReactor, the modular Flow Chemistry platform which has been designed to be accessible to every lab.  Our extensive product ranges (including DrySyn oil-free heating/cooling blocks, CondenSyn waterless air condensers, ReactoMate jacketed laboratory reactors, LightSyn photochemistry tools and a wide range of pressure reactors) are available via our distribution partners, Ultra Instruments, who offer dedicated and knowledgeable support for Indian scientists.

Please describe the advantages that come with encouraging sustainability in a lab environment?

To successfully introduce sustainable improvements to a laboratory, these improvements should also reduce running costs and improve the working environment for the chemist. It’s then advantageous for them individually to follow more sustainable practices.

 What kind of product technologies offered by Asynt can be used to increase the sustainability of lab processes in chemistry labs?

Long before it became a catch-phrase and everything got “Green-washed”, Asynt gave scientists a truly effective alternative to oil baths and heating mantles in the form of the DrySyn laboratory heating block range. Suitable for vials, and for flasks up to 5 litres as standard, DrySyn heating blocks offer excellent temperature control, reaction visibility,, and outstanding agitation but it negates the need for hazardous and messy oil which, in addition to being terrible for the environment, is also a huge potential safety hazard for the lab and the scientists using it, but also frequently contaminated samples resulting in wasted materials and time.  We also offer a fantastic alternative to water condensers; the CondenSyn air  condenser.  It’s a high-performance solution that’s simple to set up and to use, easy to clean and store, and it will save almost 3,000 litres of water for every 24 hours of use.  In addition, we offer a wide range of other alternative and sustainable solutions and advise chemists on the best possible apparatus for their work which gives the least environmental impact – all of them saving them time and money as well.

How do you see sustainable technologies for labs developing in future?

It has already become an essential part of all product development, not only for Asynt, as it’s led by the consumer.  With legislation gradually changing around the world to encourage positive and sustainable technologies too, we’ll see further advancement in technologies which are cost effective for the scientists to use, more efficient at the job in hand, and safer to use – all while working more sustainably.  For the new and sustainable technologies to be taken up, they have to meet all of those requirements and that’s behind all of Asynt’s laboratory innovations.

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