Microbioz India magazine, a leading B2B publication of Pharma, Bio-Pharma, Laboratory Analytical, and Healthcare Industry, registered as a Microbioz Journals, was started back in 2013 by Kumar Jeetendra as a Microbioz Journals to reach passionate researchers, life science enthusiasts, and scientists. Started with a blog, its first issue was published in March 2014 as a monthly magazine, and now it is published both in print and online as a monthly magazine, covering news and articles on laboratory, pharmaceutical, health care, and technology.

It has made its presence all around the world, with thousands of subscribers and life science professionals reading and supporting it every month. The magazine starts with a cover story written by the best authors in the world and can be easily found on the shelves and desks of libraries and the best companies dealing with the products and services of laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical and healthcare laboratories, and business owners.

The contents, research updates, and trending news from differing disciplines of biology covered in the magazine strictly meet the current status of science and technology. We take considerate care to create awareness about possible health issues, climate changes, recent disease outbreaks, etc., as it is a vital part of our lives, and that is why we now have a worldwide outreach of specific readers, registered members, and team members who serve us from different continents across the globe.

Magazine Editorial:

Cover Story: Microbioz India covers stories and featured articles that focus on the most important issues of laboratory, medical technology, and health.

Research & Business News: Any new discovery is based on research, and we make the latest and most trendy news available to you through our research news section of our magazine.

Interview: Microbioz India also publishes interviews conducted with eminent scientists and researchers who are carrying out research in the fields of life sciences and healthcare.

Events, Conferences, and Exhibitions: Microbioz India is a media partner and organizer for many events, conferences, and trade fairs, and hence it updates you with the highlights of these events and conferences.

Product Show/Launch: Microbioz India keeps industry professionals, particularly those in laboratory, pharmaceutical, and healthcare technology, updated with any new products in the marketplace that could advance health science and analytical research.