The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Hospital Disinfectant in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Hospital Disinfectant in 2024


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  • Date: 04 Jun,2024

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are on the frontlines in the fight against infectious diseases. They prevent the spread of diseases that could compromise the health of their staffs as well as patients by creating a clean and sterile environment for work. With so many products to choose from how can you make sure you select the best disinfectant to maximise the protection of your staff and patients. Conversely, armed with correct information hospital management can make informed decisions leading to increased efficiency, safety and the opportunity in some instances to save money.

How should we choose best disinfectants for hospitals in 2024? To ensure it kills germs effectively but still safe to patients and eco-systems, there are several factors you need to consider.

Here I am sharing special insight that will walk you through the essential considerations, with a special reference to BioguardBioguard:

This is what you need to know:

Safety Profile:

Give priority to those items with low toxicity towards humans and animals alike since they will come into contact with them frequently during use. Take into account issues like skin irritation, respiratory impact among others related to safety. Additionally, go for non-corrosive substances which cannot stain or damage surfaces neither cause any allergies.

Contact Time:

Time taken by different disinfectants before for eliminating/activating the pathogen should also be considered when choosing a suitable one. Some may require longer periods than others hence affecting work flow within your facility if not carefully selected.

Environmental Impact:

Biodegradability of a disinfectant plus its potential contribution towards antimicrobial resistance are some of the things which should be considered. In other words, go for environmentally friendly products with minimal long-term effects on ecosystems.


Do comparisons based on concentration levels required, coverage area expected to be treated vis a vis frequency required etcetera so as to arrive at best decision that will save money without compromising safety or efficacy thus ensuring infection control is optimized always.

About Bioguard*:

Bioguard is a subsidiary of Bioguard UK that has gained recognition worldwide for its contributions towards hospital disinfection. With headquarters in Northampton, UK coupled with two GMP approved ISO certified research and manufacturing facilities it is safe to say this company has expanded globally due to customer demand by providing highly effective products.

In addition, they serve more than 25 000 healthcare establishments across UK, Europe, China and GCC countries alone not counting other parts of the world where they may have clients too. Since establishment in India during 2020; Bioguard has made tremendous progress working for such top-notch institutions like Apollo Hospitals Group; AIIMS, MGM Group & Sterling Group of Hospitals etc.

The Magic Behind Those Products:

In every Bioguard product there is a special compound designed for better performance known as ® the unique compound they have created for high performance cleaning and disinfection – This ground breaking mixture contains fourth generation through seventh generation quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) i.e., DDAC; ADBAC; BKC-60 alongside Polymeric Ammonium Chloride plus surfactants.

This powerful blend offers several advantages including:

  1. All round Effectiveness: Being able to kill bacteria; viruses, fungi, mycobacterium, bacilli spores within half minute demonstrates how strong it really is.
  2. Combating Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens: Their range fights against ESKAPE pathogens which are known to be resistant towards many antibiotics thus providing an essential tool in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.
  3. Dual Action: This 2-in-1 solution simplifies cleaning and disinfection by making it more efficient while still maintaining its effectiveness.
  4. Quick Response: Disinfectants from Bioguard work quickly in just 30 seconds contact time so that no pathogen is left alive thereby reducing downtime for various activities within a healthcare setting hence increasing productivity.
  5. Safety Guarantee: These products have been dermatologically tested and do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or strong odours which ensures safety, reduces skin and respiratory irritation without compromising on their efficacy too.
  6. Versatile Nature: They can be used on hard surfaces as well as delicate equipment, thus ensuring that all parts of a hospital, whether critical or non-critical are covered during cleaning process with these disinfectants from Bioguard.
  7. Stringent Tests: Products made by Bioguard undergo thorough verification tests following the golden European Standards (EN) & British Standard (BS), this is done under tough conditions just to ensure their reliability plus effectiveness too.
  8. Manufacturing Excellence: Northampton based ISO/GMP approved manufacturing sites produce highest quality standards when it comes to making such like disinfectants meaning there should be no doubt about their performance or safety either since they meet all required criteria for good production practices.

In Summary:

When it comes down to hospital disinfection Bioguard presents itself as an innovative and reliable partner. The organization knows what works best in terms of formulations coupled with unwavering dedication towards excellence therefore empowering healthcare facilities to maintain high levels of cleanliness whilst still being cost effective and safe at all times.

*Bioguard trading as “BGS Hygiene India Pvt. Ltd.

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