How to Prevent Bacterial Conjunctivitis Recurrence

How to Prevent Bacterial Conjunctivitis Recurrence


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  • Date: 30 Apr,2024

Preventing the reoccurrence of bacterial conjunctivitis is about taking preventive measures that will reduce the chances of reinfection and maintaining good practices towards eye hygiene.

The following tips can help prevent recurrent bacterial conjunctivitis.

Practise Good Hand Hygiene

  1. Frequently wash your hands with soap and water, particularly before you touch your eyes, apply eye drops or ointments or handle contact lenses.
  2. Avoid touching/rubbing your eyes with unwashed hands as this may spread bacteria, therefore increasing the risk of re-infection.

Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Avoid sharing towels, face cloths, pillow cases, eye make up, contact lenses or eye drops with others because these items can contain bacteria and add to the transmission of infection.

Properly Clean Contact Lenses

  1. Tips for cleaning your contact lenses include washing your hands prior to handling the contacts, cleaning and disinfecting them as instructed on the package insert; replace them and their case regularly.
  2. Daily disposable contact lenses could be a better option since they lower chances of one getting bacterial contamination thus reducing recurrence of conjunctivitis in future.

Avoid Eye Irritants

  1. Protect your eyes from irritants like smoke, dust pollen and chemicals that worsen symptoms associated with conjunctivitis while enhancing susceptibility to infections.
  2. Wear protective eyewear when engaging in activities such as sports or construction works which has a high chance of exposing foreign particles/irritants into one’s eyes’ e.g goggles/sunglasses.

Be Clean Always

  1. Keep clean living environments including frequent surface cleaning and disinfections as well as bedding and shared items so as to reduce bacterial contamination & transmission respectively.
  2. Don’t swim in pools,lakes or hot tubs with untreated water,because they nurture unfavorable conditions for bacteria hence predispose eye infectons risks.

Prevent Eye Trauma

  1. Take care not to injure your eyes because these may create an entry for bacteria which can cause infection.
  2. Wear protective eyewear like goggles when playing sports or doing activities that may harm the eyes.

Observe Eye Health

  1. Watch out for any changes in your eye health such as redness, itching, discharge or vision problems and if you observe signs of conjunctivitis or other eye infections; get urgent medical attention
  2. Keep following up with your eye doctor so as to keep checking the eyes and screening for other conditions or risk factors often.

Finish treatment

Even though symptoms may have resolved before finishing medication, it is necessary to complete a full course of treatment recommended by a healthcare provider once diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis. This ensures complete eradication of infection and lowers the risk of recurrence and antibiotic resistance.

By incorporating these preventive measures into your daily routine and maintaining good eye hygiene practices, you can help reduce the risk of bacterial conjunctivitis recurrence and promote overall eye health. Should you have any inquiries regarding preventing conjunctivitis return ask your healthcare provider or optometrist for advice tailor-made to your situation.

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