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    Let us know some facts about Coronavirus

    It was post-dinner time on Saturday 4th April 2020; the 12th evening of lock-down in India. Mr.Madhav was sitting in front of his laptop eagerly waiting for the bell of 10 pm on Web meeting. He and his close friends Kiran, Avinash, Santosh, Suhas, Mahesh, Rajan, Seema, Kavya, Vidya, Geetanjali and Namrata from different places

    MIC Made as Easy as A, B, C, D

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in researching and developing new antimicrobial agents from various sources to combat microbial resistance. Several factors led to this increase, particularly the selection pressure exerted by overuse & misuse of antimicrobial agents which resulted in the emergence of resistant microorganisms. This, in turn, led to increasing

    ICMR gives positive nod for HiMedia-Syngene COVID-19 antibody test kit, ELISafe19™

    The Indian Bioscience leader, Himedia Laboratories, an expert in media developer, manufacturer and diagnostics, has manufactured an IgG based ELISA test kit, ELISafe19™ for COVID-19 in collaboration with Syngene International, an integrated research and development services company. The antibody test kit has a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 99% and has now been approved by

    Microbiologists Society, India and HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Covid 19 Warrior Memento Distribution function

    Microbiologists Society, India is working for upliftment of the subject and for sustainable development of the society. In the Covid 19 Pandemics, we made an appeal to all microbiology teachers and students to help the government by extending services in Covid labs & other industries for using their microbiology skills. We are happy to note

    HiMedia’s Molecular Biology Division gets ICMR nod along with CE/IVD approvals for their COVID range of products

    HiGenoMB®, the Molecular Biology Division of HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. the leading Indian BioSciences manufacturer proudly announces that it has received the prestigious ICMR and CE/IVD approval for its COVID Range of Products. 1.Hi-PCR® Coronavirus (COVID-19) Multiplex Probe PCR Kits (MBPCR243) 2.HiPurA® Viral RNA Purification Kit (MB615) 3.HiPurA® Viral RNA Purification Kit – Magnetic Bead

    A Breach in the Armour of the Unbeatable Superbug Fungus – Candida auris

    Human life expectancy has significantly increased lately, thanks to the great medical advances and increased health expenditure across the globe. However, potent microbial agents are evolving rapidly, too. Superbug threat seems to be looming larger day by day owing to the continued antibiotic abuse worldwide thereby posing challenge to the medical and research fraternity. Profile

    HiMedia introduces Mucormycosis detection kit, MUCOdiagno to isolate fungi from Mucormycosis patients

    HiMedia Laboratories, a bioscience company with expertise in media manufacturing and diagnostics, has developed the Mucormycosis detection kit for mucormycosis patients. The kit has been introduced under the brand name MUCO-diagnoTM [K144], which is a complete kit for clinicians to collect the sample and isolate the fungi responsible for Mucormycosis from patient’s sample. Commenting on

    Patents Granted for HiMedia’s Salivol and Stoocol – Sample Collection Devices

    The Molecular Biology business of HiMedia, HiGenoMB® achieves another major breakthrough as it proudly announces the issuance of Patents for its sample collection devices, Salivol™ and Stoocol™. Amongst the newest innovations are Salivol™ and Stoocol™, devices used for collection of saliva and stool samples respectively. In the present day, various facets of the diagnostics workflow

    HiGenoMB-HiMedia announces CDSCO approval for COVID-19 Detection Kit-Dry Swab and Triplex Probe PCR Kit

    HiGenoMB® – HiMedia Laboratories committed to combating spread of COVID-19 is thrilled to announce that the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has granted approval for two more important COVID Testing products that also recently got the CE-IVD approval. Hi-PCR COVID-19 Detection Kit-Dry Swab method (MBT189) This extraction free method assesses dry swab samples and

    HiGenoMB®-HiMedia Receives CE-IVD Approval for Hi-PCR®COVID-FLU Multiplex Probe PCR Kit (MBPCR262)

    HiGenoMB® Molecular Biology Division of HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. the pioneers in Indian BioSciences manufacturing segment adds another feather in the cap with their newly CE/IVD approved Hi-PCR®COVID-FLU Multiplex Probe PCR Kit (MBPCR262). Molecular Diagnostics based on real-time PCR is increasingly becoming the gold standard post COVID-19.     Hi-PCR® COVID-FLU Multiplex Probe PCR Kit, is a

    HiMedia Launches Monkeypox RT PCR and Viral DNA Extraction kits

    HiMedia Laboratories is geared up to face a possible outbreak of Monkey pox Virus with Extraction and RTPCR Detection Kits. Running ahead of time, HiGenoMB®, the Molecular Biology section of HiMedia Labs is prepared for what can become the next pandemic – Monkeypox. It is amongst the first few Indian multi nationals to come up

    HiMedia’s COVID-19 Detection Kit detects the BF.7 variant

    HiMedia Laboratories announces that their RT-PCR kits are capable of detecting the recently discovered BF.7 SARS-CoV-2 variant. The portfolio includes: 1.MBPCR243 – A 4 Gene COVID-19 Multiplex Detection Kit 2.MBPCR255 – Hi-PCR® Triplex COVID-19 Detection Kit The company tested the impact of the variant on their Triplex PCR Kit. Mutations, especially in RNA viruses are