HiMedia introduces Mucormycosis detection kit, MUCOdiagno to isolate fungi from Mucormycosis patients

HiMedia introduces Mucormycosis detection kit, MUCOdiagno to isolate fungi from Mucormycosis patients


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  • Date: 11 Jun,2021

HiMedia Laboratories, a bioscience company with expertise in media manufacturing and diagnostics, has developed the Mucormycosis detection kit for mucormycosis patients. The kit has been introduced under the brand name MUCO-diagnoTM [K144], which is a complete kit for clinicians to collect the sample and isolate the fungi responsible for Mucormycosis from patient’s sample.

Commenting on the new kit development, Dr. Gangadhar M. Warke, Founder and CMD, HiMedia Laboratories, said, “As cases of Mucormycosis were being noticed and had been raising alarm across the country, the need to make a one stop solution for isolating the Mucormycosis fungi available for our healthcare professionals had become vital. To address this, HiMedia, with its core expertise in Microbiology, has developed a Mucormycosis Detection Kit which allows precise isolation of Mucormycosis Fungal Pathogens. This will strengthen our fight against the fungal epidemic andoffer relief to COVID-19 patients.”

The detection kit includes Ready Prepared Media plates (one each) for Mucormycosis selective agar for selective isolation of filamentous fungi and Candida selective agar for selective isolation of non-filamentous fungi such as Candida. The kit also consists HiFungalTM Transport Medium and swab. The unique combination 2 selective media supports rapid and selective growth of the fungi, whereas the lockable media plates ensure user’s safety. The pure fungal cultures so obtained can be retained further for anti-microbial susceptibility studies and to decide the line of antibiotic therapy. These isolated pure cultures can also be retained for taxonomic studies.

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