HiGenoMB-HiMedia announces CDSCO approval for COVID-19 Detection Kit-Dry Swab and Triplex Probe PCR Kit

HiGenoMB-HiMedia announces CDSCO approval for COVID-19 Detection Kit-Dry Swab and Triplex Probe PCR Kit


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  • Date: 31 Jan,2022

HiGenoMB® – HiMedia Laboratories committed to combating spread of COVID-19 is thrilled to announce that the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has granted approval for two more important COVID Testing products that also recently got the CE-IVD approval.

Hi-PCR COVID-19 Detection Kit-Dry Swab method (MBT189)

This extraction free method assesses dry swab samples and supports direct Real time PCR post sample collection. This is an ideal solution to encourage smaller laboratories that cannot afford high end automation and reduces on dependency on skilled technicians to venture into molecular diagnostics.

Hi-PCR COVID-19 Triplex Probe PCR Kit (MBPCR255)

This three gene multiplex PCR kit can detect two target COVID genes, viz. (N) gene and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) gene along with an internal process control with maximum sensitivity. It is an alternative to our CDSCO approved 4 gene Hi-PCR® Coronavirus (COVID-19) Probe PCR Kit (MBPCR243).

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The world needs advanced solutions that improve testing quality and sustain bulk testing with less processing time. Receiving such approvals in time is not only a sign of the excellent product quality but also indicates the innovative mindset to introduce such unique concepts at the right time.

HiMedia has played a pivotal role in the global response against COVID-19. Says Dr. Kavita Khadke, an expert pathologist and Director of Molecular Biology at HiMedia, “We are working on variations in our products so as to keep the public health officials and laboratories one step ahead of the virus, and these tests play a key role, alongside our full menu of diagnostic solutions, in supporting that effort.”

Please visit our website www.himedialabs.com for more details about HiGenoMB® products related COVID Molecular testing.

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