Viscometer for viscosity characterization of any solvent based solutions

Viscometer for viscosity characterization of any solvent based solutions


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: RheoSense Inc

  • Date: 01 Sep,2019

RheoSense, Inc. USA based scientific equipment manufacturing company has announced the launch of Viscometer for viscosity characterization of any solvent-based solutions.


High throughput and timely measurements are now easier and more productive. Accurate and precise viscosity measurement is assured with self-diagnosis leaving no uncertainty. The viscometer is powerful with its ability to measure intrinsic viscosity and true viscosity measurement even at high shear rates up to 148,000 (1/s) with minimal sample volume.

Sample recovery after measurement even helps save the precious sample for further analysis. Viscosity analysis of the sample for the process and quality control or product development is now a just push-button away. Samples placed in a vial rack or 96 well plate are automatically picked up and tested.

Larger payloads of solvent bottles allows measurement of 96 samples with a single charge of solvents.

Accompanying software, Clariti, provides advanced analysis of the viscosity data such as intrinsic or inherent viscosity, activation energy, injectability, comparison between lots, and report generation of all the advanced analysis.

RheoSense, Inc. is the inventor of microfluidic/MEMS based viscometer chip VROC® and developer of a range of viscometers serving biopharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Story source/Credit: RheoSense Inc

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