Unveiling the Top 10 CROs to Watch Out for in 2023

Unveiling the Top 10 CROs to Watch Out for in 2023


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  • Date: 05 Sep,2023

Participants in clinical trials are volunteers helping scientists find treatments for specific medical issues. When carried out properly, they are the safest and quickest way to find new treatments and methods to improve people’s health. Medical professionals and scientists can learn more about diseases thanks to clinical research. With this knowledge, they can develop better methods for diagnosing and treating diseases as well as preventing their spread.

A CRO (Contract Research Organizations) is a third-party enterprise that does research and medical testing on behalf of another company. Companies and universities rely on Contract Research Organizations (CROs) because they reduce the financial burden of conducting research, allowing them to meet the ever-evolving needs of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The CRO industry is likely to undergo yet more change in 2023 as growth, consolidation, and new developments occur. The leading ten CROs to research in 2023 are listed below.


Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Revenue: $14.9 billion

Labcorp is a major worldwide life sciences firm with diagnosis and drug-developing expertise. They give medical information and promote medicinal advancements. It employs over 75,000 people and services customers in over 100 countries. The firm says to have the nation’s biggest centralized lab chain and has found its place by the Human Rights Campaign among the best workplaces for LGBTQ+ equality from 2018 to 2021. The company was a forerunner in genomic testing. It also performs oncology testing, as well as HIV genotyping and phenotyping.


Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Revenue: $14.4 billion

IQVIA is a powerful international supplier of advanced analytics, technological solutions, and medical study services to the healthcare data technology and clinical research industries. IQVIA is now one of the biggest CROs, with roughly 85,000 personnel working in over 100 countries worldwide. Through analysis tools, impactful innovation, extensive data assets, and comprehensive industry knowledge, IQVIA establishes smart links throughout all parts of the healthcare industry.

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Headquarters: Ireland

Revenue: $7.7 billion

Icon is a renowned medical research firm operating on a global scale, providing services to the pharmaceutical industry including strategic advice, clinical development, and market expansion. With locations across Europe, the United States, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, this company is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry. All stages of product development and promotion are catered to by ICON, from initial concept to global rollout.


Headquarters: Switzerland

Revenue: $6.5 billion

Lonza Group is a Swiss pharma, biotech, and nutritional manufacturing firm with operations in Europe, America, and Asia. The organization offers product creation services to the pharma and biology sectors, including specialized manufacture of biopharmaceuticals and monitoring devices, as well as bioscience-related services.


Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Revenue: $5.8 billion

PPD is a global corporation that offers comprehensive services in the areas of drug discovery, laboratory analysis, and progress tracking. PPD is a global leader with an estimated 30,000 employees. PPD’s strengths lie in the fact that it is an established, highly specialized organization with a high standard of quality and solid commercial turnover; it also offers distinctive clinical development capabilities and vast laboratory capabilities; and it has a long and expanding customer.

Syneos Health

Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Revenue: $5.2 billion

Syneos Health is a North Carolina-based international leading research business. The company focuses on aiding businesses with late-stage clinical studies. Its business approach focuses on enhancing client performance by combining medical discovery, clinical concerns, and marketing capabilities in the right way. Syneos Health employs approximately 29,000 people to support services in over 110 countries. Its medical strategies division provides clinical study support ranging from specialized staff models to new alliances that supervise almost every aspect of a drug program. The marketing and distribution strategies division includes outsourced selling, advising, advertising, and marketing channels.

Wuxi Apptec

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Revenue: $5.2 billion

WuXi AppTec is a global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device producer. Now employing over 45,000 people across offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, the company serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical equipment markets globally. The company excels in a number of areas, including molecule production and processing, research and manufacture of biologics, research, development, and processing of cell therapy and gene therapy, medical equipment testing, and molecular testing and genomics.


Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

Revenue: $4.7 billion

Catalent is a worldwide company based in New Jersey. It provides delivery methods, research, medication production, biologics, gene treatments, and consumer safety goods globally. It has around 14,000 employees, involving about 2,400 technicians and scientists. Catalent is a favored partner for tailored medications, healthcare brand expansions, and breakthrough treatments due to its large scale and profound knowledge.

Charles River

Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States

Revenue: $3.9 billion

Charles River is an American pharma firm specializing in preliminary and medical laboratory services, genetic treatment, and cell treatment for the pharma, medical product, and biotech sectors. Charles River offers technologies and expertise to aid in the research, early development, and safe manufacturing of new medications and therapies. With over 11,000 individuals working across 70 centers in 18 countries, the organization is perfectly positioned to combine global resources and apply diverse views to our client’s specific challenges.


Headquarters: North Carolina

Revenue: $2.4 billion

Parexel is an international company with research facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. They specialize in clinical innovation activities and provide extensive consulting experience. Parexel aids in the creation of cutting-edge new medicines that are already helping people’s health. One of the world’s largest clinical research organization and was instrumental in the creation of 95% of the top biopharmaceuticals available today.

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