Individually Packed Sterile Assay Plates launched by Porvair Sciences

Individually Packed Sterile Assay Plates launched by Porvair Sciences


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  • Source: Porvair Sciences

  • Date: 02 Sep,2019

Porvair Sciences are UK based global leaders in the manufacturing and development of cutting-edge porous plastic materials announces its complete range of Krystal™ clear bottomed assay microplates is now available individually packed and sterilised for optimised tissue culture cell growth or non-sterile for assay development.

Available in a choice of 24-, 96- and 384-well formats, Krystal™ series clear bottom assay plates are widely recognised as industry-leading cell culture tools by many Pharma drug discovery and screening labs. These standard clear polystyrene bottom plates have bases just 0.4mm thick and are moulded from highly polished tools to reduce flow lines, artefacts and scratches, guaranteeing excellent results with all types of bottom-reading instruments.

For more demanding applications, precision engineered Krystal glass bottom plates from Porvair Sciences are manufactured using a polystyrene upper and a borosilicate glass sheet fixed to the base with a biocompatible adhesive. This proprietary process results in consistent flatness (+/- 15 microns) across the base, excellent light transmission and a flat optical plane for growing cells. Based upon a standard SBS / ANSI microplate format – Krystal glass bottom plates are fully compatible with all confocal microscopes as well as automated liquid handling and robotic devices.

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About Porvair Sciences:

Porvair is a specialist filtration and environmental technology group with three operating divisions – Aerospace & Industrial, Laboratory and Metal Melt Quality. We have operations in the UK, US, Germany, the Netherlands and China.

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