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    silicon tubing

    Imafit®DB Hose: Platinum Cured Silicone Double Braided Hose from Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd.

    One of the major challenges and critical parameter in pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical industry is to maintain the high-pressure requirements with absolute ultimate quality and ensuring smooth bioprocessing. The Imafit® Double Braided silicone hose is fabricated with double braided polyester yarn with a Silicone layer along with it which can withstand high pressure fluid transfer comes

    Imaseal®- Sealing solution for Pharma, Food & Engineering industries

    Imaseal®– Sealing solution for Pharma, Food & Engineering industries” Forging Industry etc. In Pharma How the sealing expert work……? Sealing becomes prominent aspect when any machine is designed whether sealing is to be provided at doors, rings, bowls etc. However, one cannot move directly to choose solid rubber gaskets as machine parts experience wear and

    Applications of Single Use Technologies (SUT) for Upstream Bioprocessing

    Single-use technologies have received increasing acceptance for biopharmaceutical manufacturing as companies have begun to realize their numerous benefits and equipment manufacturers have addressed key concerns, such as the potential for extractable and leachable from plastic components and interconnectivity of equipment from different suppliers. Implementation of single-use technologies for biopharmaceutical drug production helps to reduce the

    Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Silicone Tubing

    To choose the best silicone tubing for your project, there are several things to think about such as material properties, application requirements, and environmental conditions. The following is an all-inclusive guide that can help you make a wise decision: Material Composition Silicone rubber is a versatile material known for its flexibility, durability, and resistance to