Imaseal®- Sealing solution for Pharma, Food & Engineering industries

Imaseal®- Sealing solution for Pharma, Food & Engineering industries


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  • Date: 07 Nov,2022

Imaseal®– Sealing solution for Pharma, Food & Engineering industries”
Forging Industry etc. In Pharma How the sealing expert work……?

Sealing becomes prominent aspect when any machine is designed whether sealing is to be provided at doors, rings, bowls etc. However, one cannot move directly to choose solid rubber gaskets as machine parts experience wear and tear when they are operated for longer duration also metallic parts are rigid and have tendency to experience small deformation but minute deviation will have huge impact on machine operating condition liable to increase in energy losses, product quantity losses, unfavorable operating condition etc. Here adjustable sealing gaskets comes into the picture which can adjust through these small deviations and that is why inception of Inflatable gaskets was done. These are Hollow gaskets having tendency to inflate and deflate on application of air pressure, these are provided with pneumatic nozzles through which air pressure is applied and these gaskets inflates and provides sealing at various machine parts. These are available in various shape and sizes according to ones need and their inflation can be adjusted through application of pressure but again application of pressure depends on withstanding capacity of that gaskets.

They are again modified into fabric reinforced generally Fiber glass, Polyester, Rayon or metal reinforced to have greater pressure bearing capacity. Inflatable gaskets find application in wide range of industries like Pharmaceuticals, Beverage, Medical, Dairy, Food, Oil, Chemical ceutical Industries inflatable gasket is used in Fluid Bed Dryers, Isolator Doors, Cleanroom etc. Inflatable gaskets are used to prevent any leakages of gases & liquids. With its versatility Silicone Being Food Grade and its resistance to high temperatures are preferred over other MOC (Material of Construction) but you can choose depending on your application and processing conditions.

Factor to consider while selecting your inflatable seal:

1.Working Condition like Temperature, Pressure, Working Cycles

2.Height, width and shape of profile as per your door structure since various shapes and sizes are available

3.Material of Construction again that depends on your applications and working conditions look for the one which is most suitable for your application

Features of inflatable gasket

1.It helps to prevent any leakages of any gas or liquids from the machine

2.It works as an inflation pressure in the cavity and also work as cycle tube

3.Inflatable gaskets are very accurate and withstand with 1 to 4.5 kg/ cm pressure

4.The most important feature it is use for the gripping & lifting object when

5.It has a good inflation and deflation property at nozzle and joint area


Why choose Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd. Imaseal®?

Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd is an eminent player in Silicone market with its expertise of 25 years a homegrown Company which is fulfilling demands of Gaskets, Tubing, Hoses and whole lot range of food grade products on Global Scale with Facility of Cleanroom 10000. Our Inflatable gasket is registered as Imaseal®. These gaskets are made up of advance grade silicone rubber which conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 for the food grade criteria. MOC range available: Silicone, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), Neoprene, Thermoplastic.

Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd provide there Imaseal® Inflatable gaskets to their major Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturer are Glatt Systems, ACG Pharma, Alliance Machine, Gansons, Anchor Mark, Gea Process, Mark Maker, Sunsai etc.

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