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    New Particle Analysis module introduced by Renishaw

    The module simplifies the inVia microscope so that it can identify particles on pictures and then analyse them using Raman spectroscopy. Renishaw’s inVia Raman system has a high quality microscope that’s great for producing optical images of particles on surfaces. These images are utilized to direct Raman spectroscopy measurements that quickly give chemically specific, high

    make your lab life easier with INTEGRA’s electronic pipettes

    The significance of user experience on pipetting precision is often overlooked, and can have a serious impact on the reproducibility and validity of results. The negative effects of many hours of repetitive pipetting on both the researcher and the results should also not be underestimated. That’s why so many researchers have now switched to these

    Sygnature Discovery invests £3m to expand high-throughput screening and translational oncology capabilities

    Nottingham and Alderley Park, UK – 16th December 2020 – Life Science Newswire – Sygnature Discovery, a leading independent integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical contract research organization, is strengthening its high-throughput screening (HTS) and translational oncology service-offerings by investing £3 million in new instrumentation and equipment. Sygnature’s Translational Oncology department at Alderley Park is currently

    Docking Station Enables a Consistent Sample Tube (De)Capping Action

    Using the Docking Station in combination with the Screw Cap Recappers, a consistent capping and decapping action is assured, allowing research laboratories to recap 96-well, 48-well and 24-well format sample storage tubes securely and uniformly for an optimal sealing performance. Designed in conjunction with several leading laboratories, the cost-effective handheld devices offer users the ability

    Atik Cameras Supports the COVID-19 Fight with Wide Range of Advanced Imaging Solutions for Use with PCR Instruments

    Norwich, UK – (25 February 2021) – Life Science Newswire – Atik Cameras, a specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced scientific imaging solutions, has further expanded its collaboration with leading global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) DNA amplifiers, securing multiple new contracts to supply high-performing cameras for reliable COVID-19

    Colloidal Nanoparticles Advance Frontiers of Synthetic Chemistry

    Researchers from the School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews (UK) are using a DrySyn Spiral Evaporator from Asynt to help synthesize novel reactive colloidal nanoparticles that present an exciting tool to create a new generation of ‘smart’ nanomaterials. The unique properties of nanomaterials mean that potential applications extend from use in smart

    Mass Spectrometry Structural Analysis of Fluoroelastomers

    BioChromato Inc. has published a report describing how their ionRocket sample preparation device, used in combination with Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) and Kendrick Mass Defect (KMD) analysis, provides a valuable new tool for chain analysis of fluoroelastomers. Because of their excellent heat, chemical and abrasion resistance – fluoropolymers are widely used

    Catalyst expert Sinocompound launches educational video series

    Zhangjiagang, China — 24 June 2021 — Sinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd has launched a new video series sharing its specialist catalyst expertise adding to its bank of educational materials. Titled ‘The essentials in a synthetic chemist’s toolbox’, the series was the idea and work of technical advisor, Dr Carin Seechurn. As a global provider of

    Optimum Flow Meter Accuracy Critical to Biofuel Production

    As the UK hosts the UN Conference on Climate Change, Titan Enterprises determines it a fitting time to report on the success of its long-term OEM customer, Green Fuels Limited. With decarbonisation, circular economy and sustainability hitting the top of the agenda around the world, Green Fuels advances biofuel technologies and joint ventures to achieve

    Pharmaceutics Lab Improves Concentration of Aqueous Samples

    The Department of Biomedical Pharmaceutics at Gifu Pharmaceutical University (Japan) reports how a BioChromato Smart Evaporator C1 fitted with 4-Kit adapter has revolutionised its aqueous sample preparation. The Department of Biomedical Pharmaceutics, headed by Professor Kiyoyuki Kitaichi, is well known for its pioneering collaborative research on illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, and new health food ingredients. However,