Telstar BiOptima IT MSC designed to integrate pharmacy compounding software programs

Telstar BiOptima IT MSC designed to integrate pharmacy compounding software programs


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  • Date: 12 May,2021

Terrassa (Barcelona) 2021, May 12th. BiOptima IT is the new version of microbiological safety cabinets particularly designed for the integration of software solutions for oncologic therapy planning, therapy monitoring and the preparation of cytotoxics. The new booth range responds to the need for most hospital pharmacies which rely on software solutions to aid them in dose preparation and improve the safety of the medications and the pharmacy workflow. These software solutions can include on-line (weight-based) gravimetric verification, barcode reading and automatic and electronic documentation of preparations.

Equipped with all the necessary hardware for effortless integration in the daily routine of a modern-day pharmacy or to upgrade existing pharmacies to a state-of-the-art compounding facility, this range of cabinets are designed and manufactured according to EN 12469 and the DIN 12980 norms.

The IT configuration is available for all BiOptima models: One, Cyto, Exa and BiOptima (4, 5 and 6 sizes). BiOptima range belongs to the new generation Microbiological Safety Cabinets (MSC) designed to provide higher performance, comfort and cleanability. With an innovative design, these cabinets also ensure optimum efficiency and high-level energy savings. Intended to be used for microbiological research, it features low noise levels, low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

The MSC BiOptima range consists of different versions. The BiOptima standard model is integrated with two HEPA filters, according to the EN12469 standard, for microbiological research with biological agents (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and allergens. The BiOptima Cyto, includes three HEPA filters, according to the DIN12980 norm, addressed to work with high-risk microbiological and highly toxic applications, such as the production of cytotoxic drugs. These versions provide operator protection with the inflow air barrier, product protection thanks to HEPA-filtered laminar downflow in the working area and environmental protection through the exhaust HEPA filter. The BiOptima EXA class II B2 cabinet constructed to NSF 49 standards, is designed to work with toxic and / or volatile chemicals. Finally, BiOptima ONE is a new version of Class I safety cabinet designed, according to EN12469 standard, for general microbiological research with low- and moderate-risk agents.

BiOptima range also integrates Zerocoat, a new antimicrobial bacteriological barrier. It is a new technology promoted by Telstar that provides the interior of the cabinet with a high antimicrobial power and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. Based on new photocatalytic treatment based on titanium dioxide it provides a self-cleaning surface which breaks down organic matter when the light system is triggered. Incorporated on the inside of the cabin, this treatment fully protects the work surface and, among other variables, endows the stainless steel that surrounds the chamber`s interior with a high potential antimicrobial power.

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