Researcher Identified Bio Markers Linked To Heart Diseases

Researcher Identified Bio Markers Linked To Heart Diseases


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: University of North Carolina Health Care

  • Date: 07 Jul,2015

Researcher from University of North Carolina recently identified Bio-markers linked to one of most common death cause, heart disease. The finding published in PLoS.

Studies suggests two new targets – oxidized LDL cholesterol and glycated proteins (i.e., fructosamine or hemoglobin A1c) – that researchers can further investigate and perhaps target through medications to help people with insulin resistance avoid the worst kind of heart disease.“If these correlations were also found in insulin resistant humans, then we would want to do everything we could to treat them because they would be at a very high risk of developing severe cardiovascular disease,” said Timothy Nichols, MD, professor of medicine and pathology and first author of the PLoS One paper.The name scientists related with this research are: Timothy Nichols, MD is a physician at the UNC Heart and Vascular Center and director of the Francis Owen Blood Research Laboratory. David Clemmons, MD, is a member of the UNC Diabetes Care Center.According to David Clemmons: “The underlying causes of this correlation are unknown,” Clemmons said. “But now we have a unique animal model that very much mimics what we see in humans. Our model is a good predictor of diet-induced atherosclerosis in females.”

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