Raw Oysters and Other Sea Foods May Leads Infection Of Norovirus

Raw Oysters and Other Sea Foods May Leads Infection Of Norovirus


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: American Society for Microbiology

  • Date: 31 Aug,2015

Norovirus is an infectious virus in humans and more contagious in nature and cause of death of 6% population of U.S. basically of those depends upon sea foods. Features of infection involve diarrhea, pain in stomach, nausea. According to center for disease control (CDC) total number of cases register annually is 20 million and out of which 570 to 800 deaths reported.Recently published article in a journal of American Society for Microbiology authored by, Dr. Yongjie Wang PhD suggests that Oysters are not only transmit norovirus but this reservoir of this virus and having raw intake of oysters and shell fish may leads infection of this virus.

"The results highlight oysters' important role in the persistence of norovirus in the environment, and its transmission to humans, and they demonstrate the need for surveillance of human norovirus in oyster samples," said Wang.The outcome of result declared after genotyping and phylotyping analysis and mapping of genetic diversity of oysters and further enquiry over geographical distribution.

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