Perkin Elmers flexar UHPLC enhancing the performance of LC analysis

Perkin Elmers flexar UHPLC enhancing the performance of LC analysis


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: PerkinElmer

  • Date: 16 Aug,2018

rnWhen you need the ultimate performance for your LC analysis, look no further than the Flexar UHPLC. This ultra- high performance UHPLC system delivers the highest resolution, highest sensitivity and fastest analysis. Across food, consumer product, pharmaceutical, industrial and environmental applications, the Flexar UHPLC performs reliably and with the flexibility to perform quality testing of raw materials, determine fraud/adulteration of products, ensure lot to lot consistency, as well research-based analysis for new products. Our Flexar UHPLC is engineered for labs that need more uptime, less maintenance and the ability to handle multiple methods – and its low carry over design enables quantitatively more accurate and repeatable results. Additional flexibility includes the choice of our powerfully easy-to-use Chromera® chromatography data system (CDS) software or TotalChrom® for for either single workstation or enterprise-wide control and regulatory compliance.rn

rnOur Flexar UHPLC is configured to provide the highest flow rate up to 5mL/min. with a maximum of 18K psi, a high speed autosampler for fast injection rates, choice of ovens and detectors, including the PDA Plus, which offers the highest acquisition rates in the industry.rn


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