Make your hospital walls speak for your brand

Make your hospital walls speak for your brand


  • Post By : Mr. Mohammed Ilias


  • Date: 23 Aug,2018

Branding inside and outside your hospital helps in building the positive ambience that builds credibility with your patients, increases motivation among employees and even can act as a word of mouth conversation trigger.

Branding is an arduous task, and hospital branding is especially challenging for a numerous sensitive reasons. At the helm of it, the mission of hospital branding is to create awareness before an individual has a need or even any interest in the predominantly desirable notion of “going to the hospital.” To make this whole experience a pleasant one, it is important to communicate the right message in the most desirable way.

A patient gets to know about the healthcare institution either through a referral or an advert. Once the patient comes to the hospital he needs to get a holistic view of the accomplishments of the hospital in terms of providing healthcare, through appropriate communication.

Discussed below is the articulation of the 10HB Module (Hospital Branding Modules) developed by BCC Healthcare which gives a holistic view of the brand communication at hospitals of any size and various aspects of it.

1.Credibility Communication

Credibility communication is a communication which talks about credibility building elements. There are a number of things about the organization which can build instant credibility for first time walk in patients or old patients and also to the employees at large. Credibility communication include displaying patient testimonials, case studies – critical cases where in a patient is cured despite acute chances of survival, awards and accolades, certifications and alliances with health leaders to maintain quality standards.

2. Awareness Communication

Every hospital has a responsibility to spread awareness about the diseases, good life style habits, and conduct awareness training sessions. Disease awareness communications are communications disseminated to consumers that discuss a particular disease or health condition. Awareness communications can provide important health information to consumers and can encourage consumers to seek appropriate treatment. This is particularly important for diseases that require immediate attention, under-treated health conditions and symptoms which are commonly not everyone is aware of and also act as a preventive health checker.

3. Capability Communication

Capability communication is a communication which refers to the capability of the hospital in delivering healthcare. Capability of the hospital in terms of infrastructure, technologically advanced equipment and showcasing the doctor’s experience and expertise to perform critical operations. These can be illustrated by showcasing the milestone of the hospital as to how it has grown over a

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