Fibertec 8000: First fully automated fiber analysis solution following official reference methodologies

Fibertec 8000: First fully automated fiber analysis solution following official reference methodologies


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  • Date: 08 Sep,2023

The FibertecTM 8000 is a fully automated system for measuring crude fiber, detergent fiber, and associated characteristics using industry-recognized reference “crucible” methods like Weende, van Soest, etc.

A fiber analysis solution with the shortest operator time

Up to six samples can be measured unattended, freeing up staff time for other tasks. Time is saved, and the possibility of human error is eliminated, thanks to on-board heating, automatic distribution of all chemicals, antifoam, and water rinsing.

Results from the official reference method with unmatched precision

As sample residue stays in the crucible throughout the process, there is no sample transfer and no chance for error. Reliable reference results are ensured by discretely analyzing each sample in accordance with official procedures, and repeatability is guaranteed by a constant heating rate and time to boiling.

Safest fiber analysis method currently obtainable

Automated processes can help to ensure safety by distributing reagents to prevent contact with chemicals and fumes, reducing the temperature at the boiling point to prevent spills, and adding enzymes and anti-foam as needed.

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