Top Immersion Cooling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Top Immersion Cooling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Laboratories


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  • Date: 10 Apr,2024

Pharmaceutical laboratories have been adopting immersion cooling as an efficient method to cool down high-performance computing systems.

Here are some of the top immersion cooling solutions suitable for pharmaceutical laboratories:

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids:

Due to its outstanding dielectric properties and low global warming potential, Novec Engineered Fluids from 3M are widely utilized in immersion cooling. These liquids can efficiently gather heat emitted by electronic components without damaging them, a feature that makes them suitable for chem labs looking for safe and effective means of cooling.

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC):

GRC offers such solutions as the Carnot Jet system that immerses servers into non-conductive coolant as well as other energy-efficient systems which reduce power consumption, attracting pharmaceutical laboratories that aim at reducing operating expenses and environment-friendly solutions.

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Submer Immersion Cooling:

Submer is engaged in developing Imersion cooling technologies targeting energy optimization and reduction in environmental footprint for data centers and other HPC environments. Servers are submerged with dielectric fluid thus enabling a pharmaceutical laboratory reliable operations and efficient heat transfer hence smooth operations.

Liquid Cool Solutions:

Liquid Cool Solutions specializes in customized direct-to-chip liquid cooling technologies applicable to various areas including pharmaceutical laboratories. Their work provides high cooling efficiency that enables Pharma researchers to maintain optimum operating conditions for delicate equipment thereby guaranteeing reliable performance thereof.


Their Immersed Computing® technology uses a specific fluid to provide pharmaceutical laboratories with a reliable energy efficient cooling solution; this is done through server submersion where they use their nonconductive Coolant Fluids or Dielectric Coolants to perform the task of keeping the temperature of these devices under control; thus resulting in greener data centers besides high-density computing facilities.


Iceotope’s systems are characterized by provision of environmentally friendly & reliable services using nontoxic coolants capable of expelling heat from electronic components. Thus, if a pharmaceutical laboratory needs to optimize cooling performance, thus reducing environmental impact such a system might be the best option.

When choosing immersion cooling solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories, energy efficiency, environmental impact, reliability and compatibility with existing infrastructure are factors that should be considered. A particular in-depth investigation as well as consultation with industry experts can help pharmacy researchers get the best immersion cooling solution that would suit their requirements.

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