Early Life Infection May Help In Study Of Disease Development Later In Life

Early Life Infection May Help In Study Of Disease Development Later In Life


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: European Lung Foundation

  • Date: 28 Sep,2015

Here in Europian Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress today on 27th September 2015, Dr. Dr.Insa Korten, from the University Children's Hospitals in Bern and Basel, Switzerland informed that Rhinovirus in humans and other Microbiota either play a key role in prevention of disease or development of another chronic disease later in life.

It is well known that infection in childhood links with disease development later in life but this mystery over the linking early life viral infections and the microbiota.

A researcher working on victim community with nasal viral infections and general nasal microbiota during childhood.Scientists also include infants from Basel Bern Infant Lung Development and regularly took a nasal swab from the age of 5-week infants to 1-year-old and analyse the microbiota and 12 other viruses.At result general microbiota decreases after infection with the virus.

According to scientist: Dr. Korten

"Our findings indicate an interaction between rhinovirus infections and the nasal microbiota in early life that persists over time. Although our findings need to be confirmed in other cohorts, the interaction of the virus and the microbiota could be of importance in future preventative or therapeutic procedures."

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