An Interview with Dr G P Brahmaprakash

An Interview with Dr G P Brahmaprakash


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  • Date: 14 Oct,2015

This month our team had an Interview with Dr.G.P. Brahmaprakash,Ph.D.Dr.Prakash shares few important part of his academic life with us, Our team bless him great success in his future.

Microbioz team : Why you choose MICROBIOLOGY as a career?

Dr.Prakash: My great teachers awakened a passion for microbiology. Microbes are ubiquitous and their study is fascinating which is well illustrated in George Lichty’s cartoon “It’s got everything…sex, violence and a cast of millions.” (This cartoon appeared in ‘Soil Biochemistry Volume 3 , 1975. Marcel Dekker’)

Microbioz team : What is your favourite part of your current job and why is it your favourite?

Dr.Prakash: My favourite part is interactions that take place between me and students both undergraduate and postgraduate. I am impressed by their naivety, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Further,in the discussions with the postgraduate students’ research, everyday is a new day, always different, there is no routine, hence, challenging and refreshingly original. This dialogue with students keeps me young and up-to-date.

Microbioz team : How would your background experiences strengthen this academic department?

Dr.Prakash: Perhaps my destiny had been guiding me towards this by providing a rich and varied experience in giving me an opportunity to learn at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack. My work experience at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore endowed me with a capability to strengthen this glorious department

Microbioz team : Which skills have you acquired in your present or previous positions that make you competitive for this position?

Dr.Prakash: My training in the premier research Institutes of the country empowered me with state of the art technology. I am a good listener and can empathize. The mistakes I committed with my experimentations are always a reminder, justifying the adage “failures are stepping stones of success.”

Microbioz team : What do you consider the most important contribution your academic experiences have made o this organisation? What was your role?

Dr.Prakash: The Department of Agricultural Microbiology, UAS, Bengaluru was a pioneer in India in developing liquid inoculants formulations for different AIMs (Agriculturally Important Microorganisms) such as Rhizobium, Azotob

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