Cipla launches CIPLAMED 2.0 – knowledge-sharing platform for Healthcare Practitioners (HCPS)

Cipla launches CIPLAMED 2.0 – knowledge-sharing platform for Healthcare Practitioners (HCPS)


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  • Date: 16 Aug,2023

Mumbai, India; 16th August 2023: Cipla announced the launch of CiplaMed 2.0, an enhanced version of the industry-leading knowledge platform for the medical fraternity. In line with its digital transformation agenda, Cipla is pioneering an integrated omnichannel experience for healthcare professionals that seamlessly combines in-clinic interactions with digital engagement and access to medical information. This initiative underscores the growing importance of digital platforms in the medical education and the use of technology to empower HCPs with vital information to cater to their patients.

CiplaMed is designed to provide healthcare professionals with reliable, accurate and current updates and clinically relevant content across 19 specialities from the global medical fraternity, with a strong focus on patient care. This includes scientific articles, webinars, podcasts, expert talks, patient education resources and content integrated from

CiplaMedX, Cipla’s exclusive video content platform. The revamped platform also offers access to content which is tailored to the doctors specialization, allowing users to conveniently share and bookmark information. With a steady month-on-month growth rate of approximately 2x over the past three months, the platform has garnered a dedicated user base of 12,000 professionals. Since its inception, constant user acceptance testing adoptions and the use of customer engagement tools helps the platform adapt with the evolving needs of healthcare practitioners.

CiplaMed 2.0 leverages advanced analytics and automation, which have the potential to transform knowledge-sharing in the pharmaceutical industry.

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