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    Testa Analytical

    Optimizing Dynamic Light Scattering Measurements of Protein Drugs and Biotherapeutics

    Testa Analytical has published a study that investigates parameters that can be tweaked to improve Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) measurement quality when analyzing monomeric and aggregated monoclonal antibodies. One of the fastest growing classes of pharmaceutically active biologics are monoclonal antibodies. These highly versatile proteins are used as the major functional element in immunoassays and

    Testa Analytical Offer Upgrade Kit for Light Scattering Goniometer

    Testa Analytical Solutions e.K announce the launch of an upgrade kit for its BI-200SM light scattering goniometer system providing access to multiple laser Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) techniques. Traditionally, selection of the most appropriate wavelength for SLS or DLS applications has necessitated replacement of one laser with a different one,

    Versatile Multi Detector GPC/SEC System

    The new HK Series Multi Detector GPC/SEC System from TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. combines high-performance chromatographic detector technologies and powerful, yet easy to use software to unlock the secrets of even the most complex synthetic polymers and natural macromolecules. Gel Permeation Chromatography / Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC) is widely accepted as the analytical technique of

    System Performance Qualification – Removing Uncertainty from Your Results

    TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. reports on widespread interest from European laboratories for performance qualifying their particle size, zeta potential and GPC/SEC instruments. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on the daily operations of most laboratories. Restrictions concerning personnel on site has had a major impact on proven processes and standard operating procedures (SOP).

    Failsafe monitor to shut off your HPLC if a solvent reservoir runs dry

    The Solvent Line Monitor from TESTA Analytical is a true plug-and-play addition to any HPLC system designed to detect when one or more of its pump solvent reservoirs are empty and automatically shut-off the system. Modern chromatography systems often include automation enabling them to achieve a high sample throughput which was unthinkable just a few

    Rapid scanning UV detector for high temperature process monitoring

    TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has expanded the capabilities of its rapid scanning UV Detector with a new flow cell designed for high temperature operation. The rugged flow cell employs fiber optic connections to the rapid scanning UV detector to enable it to be safely positioned up to 1-meter way from the high temperature process being

    Refractive Index Detector Kits for HPLC & uHPLC

    Based on decades of experience in the chromatography field, TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. has designed a Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector kit adaptable to fulfil the specific demands of different HPLC system manufacturers. Despite their limited sensitivity, compared to other detectors such as UV or MS, the ability of DRI detectors to detect any analyte

    Comparing Goniometer-based & enclosed Light Scattering instruments

    At first sight, goniometer based and enclosed light scattering instruments look very different in terms of the bench space they occupy. In this technical article we look to underline some of the key details and differences between these two approaches to Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) which might not be immediately obvious to someone interested in