Refractive Index Detector Kits for HPLC & uHPLC

Refractive Index Detector Kits for HPLC & uHPLC


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  • Date: 09 May,2023

Based on decades of experience in the chromatography field, TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. has designed a Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector kit adaptable to fulfil the specific demands of different HPLC system manufacturers.

Despite their limited sensitivity, compared to other detectors such as UV or MS, the ability of DRI detectors to detect any analyte with a refractive index different to the solvent makes them the detector of choice for HPLC applications ranging from small molecules to proteins, petroleum additives, polysaccharides, and synthetic polymers.

The TESTA Analytical HPLC DRI detector kit comprises a total of five separate modules (opto-electronics, fluidics, temperature control, electronics, and firmware) each capable of customization and adaptation. The simple selection of optimized modules to best suit different instrument designs enables TESTA to provide an optimized DRI detector for almost any HPLC or uHPLC system.

HPLC DRI detector kits from TESTA Analytical

Once the optimal modules are selected and defined, a customer specific HPLC DRI detector is created using a carefully controlled (and documented) process. Our aim is that the DRI detector developed for your HPLC system is capable of dominating its intended targeted markets.

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