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    single use technology

    Applications of Single Use Technologies (SUT) for Upstream Bioprocessing

    Single-use technologies have received increasing acceptance for biopharmaceutical manufacturing as companies have begun to realize their numerous benefits and equipment manufacturers have addressed key concerns, such as the potential for extractable and leachable from plastic components and interconnectivity of equipment from different suppliers. Implementation of single-use technologies for biopharmaceutical drug production helps to reduce the

    Revolutionizing Bioprocessing: The use of Single-Use 2D, 3D Bags, and Liners

    Single-use bioprocessing bags are increasingly favored over stainless steel vessels, addressing issues of corrosion, cleaning, sterilization, cost, weight, and handling. With the introduction of single-use 2D and 3D bags, they bring revolutionary changes—providing convenience, scalability, and reduced cross-contamination risks, while eliminating cleaning and sterilization needs, using high-quality flexible materials for bioprocessing advantages. Current market and

    New Developments in Bioprocess OEMs

    Bioprocess OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers, are companies that manufacture equipment for bioprocessing applications such as fermentation, cell culture, and purification. These companies may design and produce equipment such as bioreactors, chromatography systems, and other specialized tools for use in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. In recent years, there have been several developments in the