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    pipette tips

    Essential Screening for microbial evolution research via INTEGRA’s electronic pipettes

    Bacterial evolution studies involve analysis of large sample numbers, requiring streamlined, reproducible pipetting processes to effectively characterize the features of different strains. Dr Astrid Altamirano-Junqueira, who completed her doctoral studies into the evolution of bacterial motility in the School of Biological Studies at Reading University, discussed how these electronic pipettes aided her research: “My focus

    Filter pipette tips- A watchful guardian in covid-19 pandemic

    The evolution led to the existence of life on earth and the infinite life forms over the ages, with the origin of the cell-the fundamental unit of life. The Life Science fraternity has been working with different types of cells such as Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes for isolation of the genetic material and the expressed protein

    Pipette Tip Box Design- A crucial factor in preventing pipetting errors

    Dispensing the exact volume is one of the major concern amongst lab workers handling patient samples and macromolecules such as DNA/RNA, Proteins, Enzymes and other reagents. There are several factors that play an important role in the accuracy of the tests being performed in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery, biological research laboratories and academic institutions handling