Pipette Tip Box Design- A crucial factor in preventing pipetting errors

Pipette Tip Box Design- A crucial factor in preventing pipetting errors


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  • Date: 05 Feb,2022

Dispensing the exact volume is one of the major concern amongst lab workers handling patient samples and macromolecules such as DNA/RNA, Proteins, Enzymes and other reagents. There are several factors that play an important role in the accuracy of the tests being performed in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery, biological research laboratories and academic institutions handling precious samples and costly reagents.
A minor error can lead to a series of false results that may cost the consumer dearly.

Some of the problems that may be encountered due to the Tip Box designs are:
1. Pipette access inside the Tip Box
2.Sturdiness of the Tip Box
3.Warping & Shrinkage of Tip Box

An ideal tip box design must allow easy & unhindered pipette access (especially multichannel pipettes) to all the 96 tips placed inside the box rack, a universal design to accommodate all different brands of pipettes and tips. The shape & dimension of the box along with the accuracy of Lid opening and closure play an important role in handling these steps with precision.

A sturdy Tip Box design solves majority of these problems by allowing the personnel to access the tips without toppling the rack and by allowing them to exert enough pressure to uniformly pick the desired number of tips. The sturdiness of the Tip Box is due the robust design and the strength of the material that has been used. A good tip box design must enhance the stability of the rack, and provide equal weight distribution and thereby aid in uniform tip placement, leading to equal & consistent aspiration each & every time.
Warping and Shrinkage of the Tip Box is another concern that is again due to the robustness in the design that causes air passage and thereby leads to contamination of the tips.

A New improved, Patented, Gen2 Tip Box design by ABDOS Life Science.
Design & Utility Patent:
The new design of Generation 2 Pipette tip box of ABDOS Life Science addresses a few major concerns associated with warping and shrinkage of the box that may lead to contamination. The base of the tip box has also been designed to be sturdy with four ‘L-shaped’ feet at the corners that also enables stackability. The flange & the hinge design on the lid provides the strength to allow the lid to open fully to facilitate unhindered pipette access while picking up the tips from the rack, most importantly while handling a multi-channel pipette. The new tip box can accommodate all types of pipettes & tips according to a 96 well format.

Key features:

1.ABDOS’ Indigenously developed design provides the strength and Stability.
2.Tip box durability enhances the usage time & prevents wastage to reduce the environmental burden.
3.A clear lid design facilitates better visibility of all 96 tips.
4.A flange along the sides of the lid and the new lid hinge design allows proper lid opening for unhindered tip access. This feature also allows the lid to be opened without distortion in shape thereby prevents contamination.
5.Overlapping lid closure prevents exposure of tips to contamination.
6.L-shaped footprint at the bottom corners ensures stability & easy stackability.
7.Slotted Pillars along the sides of the box minimize the warpage and this also ensures less force while picking up the tips using any universally designed pipette.
8.A Sturdy Box design that allows desired pipette pressure for picking tips without toppling the rack.
9.Boxes for all universal tip racks for holding different tip sizes.
10.Ribs internally provides additional strength to the box and lid.
11.The Design of the Tip box ensures compatibility with major pipette brands and allows easy access to all 96 tips.
12.The new robust box design enhances stability and prevents uneven aspirations.
13.A cross-sectional view of the box shows the positive snap-lock mechanism between tip box & lid to lock the box perfectly and open with an easy but firm lift with a thumb.

Source: ABDOS Life Science
Author: Bijoy Varma
Head – Marketing & Strategy

The New Generation Tip Box of ABDOS Life Science helps the scientists handle the pipetting steps with utmost precision and thereby eliminates costly errors. The Gen 2 Tip Box is designed for robust handling, with anti-Warpage and anti-Shrinkage technology. Flanges on the sides of lid and the new hinge design allows proper opening for unhindered tip access. The closure of the lid with a positive snap lock prevents contamination. The new generation tip box prevents uneven aspirations of liquid samples due to its stable design. The ABDOS Gen 2 Tip Box has been patented for Design & Usage by ABDOS Life Science for better handling of liquid samples and laboratory reagents. Try the New Gen-2 Pipette Tip Box by ABDOS Life Science – for a superior liquid sample handling experience.

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