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    Deforestation in the Amazon builds variety of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    In Brazil, a study conducted by researchers affiliated with the University of São Paulo (USP) and collaborators showed that deforestation in the Amazon causes an increase in the diversity of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. An article on the study, published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry, compares the microorganisms that live in the land of indigenous forest with

    New gene expression organization can help understand component behind ceaseless stem cell activity in plant

    An inter-university research group has succeeded in constructing the gene expression network behind the vascular development process in plants. They achieved this by doing bioinformatics analysis using the’VISUAL’ tissue culture stage, which generates vascular stem cells from cells. Within this network, they also found a new BES/BZR transcription factor, BEH3, which modulates vascular stem cells.