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    Petri Dish

    Glass Petri dishes vs Plastic petri dishes: Which Should You Choose?

    Petri dishes are cylindrical containers with lids that are shallow and specifically intended for use in microbiology and cell culture. The standard materials for petri dishes are borosilicate glass or transparent plastics (typically polystyrene or polycarbonate) in a range of sizes. They come in two forms: single-use and reusable, with the latter being resistant to

    How to Properly Sterilize and Prepare petri dishes for Experiments

    In microbiology, cell culture, and other laboratory operations, sterilizing and setting up petri dish for research is crucial to ensuring a contaminant-free environment for growing microorganisms or carrying out studies. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly sterilize and prepare petri dishes: Materials Needed: Petri dish Autoclave or pressure cooker Distilled water Agar or growth