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    PCR reagents

    Patents Granted for HiMedia’s Salivol and Stoocol – Sample Collection Devices

    The Molecular Biology business of HiMedia, HiGenoMB® achieves another major breakthrough as it proudly announces the issuance of Patents for its sample collection devices, Salivol™ and Stoocol™. Amongst the newest innovations are Salivol™ and Stoocol™, devices used for collection of saliva and stool samples respectively. In the present day, various facets of the diagnostics workflow

    HiGenoMB – HiMedia Announces CDSCO Approval Received for its Influenza PCR Detection Kit

    HiGenoMB – HiMedia is proud to announce that DNA/RNA Extraction kits, PCR reagents, has granted approval for commercial production for its Influenza PCR detection kit (MBPCR263) HiMedia has developed a Multiplex Reverse Transcriptase Real‐Time PCR kit which enables the clinicians and public health laboratories to quickly diagnose influenza infection in a single tube. Hi‐PCR® Influenza Multiplex