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    laboratory equipment

    Corresponding Assessment Scenarios in Laboratory and on-Court Tests

    To the best of our knowledge, the present study is the first to relate physiological, mechanical and specific performance parameters in basketball using the complex networks model. Thus, this study focused efforts on comparing, by means of centrality metrics (degree, betweenness, eigenvector, and pagerank), tests that can successfully establish power, velocity, and force results in

    Top 10 key points while adopting for Lab Digitalization

    Digitalization of Lab — Is this crucial in the present scenario? In fact, it’s an inevitable demand for much better direction and implementation of lab daily pursuits. Digitalization of lab data is the new standard of handling life in the business industry. Current pandemic scenario the epidemic of COVID-19 emphasized how Digitalization of the Laboratory

    Sartorius to acquire Novasep’s chromatography process equipment division

    The life science company Sartorius today announced it has entered into an agreement through its subgroup Sartorius Stedim Biotech to acquire the chromatography process equipment division of Novasep. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price until the necessary regulatory approvals have been obtained. Novasep’s division expects to generate sales revenue of approximately 37

    Hyperspectral Sensor for High-Resolution Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements

    The award-winning Hyperspec® Solar Induced Fluorescence (SIF) imaging sensor from Analytik is ideal for remote sensing, particularly plant and crop photosynthesis and climatology applications where high-resolution chlorophyll fluorescence measurements are vital. The push-broom sensor collects hyperspectral image data with 1,600 spatial pixels per line at extremely high spectral resolution (0.1-0.2nm full width at half maximum)

    Safety to… Biosafety

    Safety is the most commonly being used word nowadays by every individual at each and every level though it has been an essential parameter for the ages. Different Viruses such as SARS/COVID and the disease it causes are among mankind’s greatest enemy today. As a part of this battle, biosecurity is of vital importance, since

    Standalone Flow Chemistry Module for Exothermic Reactions

    Uniqsis has launched ColdChip™ – a new versatile mixer/reactor module enabling researchers to experiment with different chemistries particularly exothermic reactions that need to be safely run in a cooled environment with highly efficient mixing. Compact in design, and requiring no input power, the ColdChip™ is optimised for use with the Uniqsis FlowSyn and FlowLab range

    Mettler-Toledo launches new combination checkweighing and serialization system for pharma and cosmetics producers

    Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched a new Track & Trace and Checkweighing combination solution aimed at small and mid-market manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The Mettler-Toledo CT33 system gives operators a deep level of integration between Mark & Verify, serialization and precision weighing capabilities, helping them to achieve compliance, better brand protection, quality control

    Rapid scanning UV detector for high temperature process monitoring

    TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has expanded the capabilities of its rapid scanning UV Detector with a new flow cell designed for high temperature operation. The rugged flow cell employs fiber optic connections to the rapid scanning UV detector to enable it to be safely positioned up to 1-meter way from the high temperature process being