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    Pipette Tip Box Design- A crucial factor in preventing pipetting errors

    Dispensing the exact volume is one of the major concern amongst lab workers handling patient samples and macromolecules such as DNA/RNA, Proteins, Enzymes and other reagents. There are several factors that play an important role in the accuracy of the tests being performed in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery, biological research laboratories and academic institutions handling

    Flow chemistry system for high yield heterogeneous catalysis

    The FlowLab Column from Uniqsis is a continuous flow chemistry system developed as an affordable high-performance replacement for conventional stirred batch reactors often used for heterogeneously catalysed liquid phase reactions. Designed to provide highly efficient mixing and excellent control over reaction parameters, the FlowLab Column provides intimate contact between a large excess of catalyst and

    Analyzing incoming raw materials using Raman Spectroscopy in pharma

    Handheld Raman instruments have become globally accepted tool for quick analysis incoming raw material identification in the pharmaceutical industry. The speed of analysis allows the customer to move beyond traditional statistical sampling to 100% container identification. Considering the growing importance of Raman spectroscopy, Pharmacopeia chapters are updated with more information and guidance for the system.

    Enabling Scale-Up in the South African Pharma Industry

    In the pharmaceutical sector, industry growth in the emerging world is rapidly outpacing mature markets like Europe and the US. Although at present the pharma industries across Africa account for just 2% of the global medicines market, the sector’s rapid growth is predicted to be a source of immense societal benefit, both economic and medical.

    Accelerating Tube Picking & Selection

    The Mohawk tube selector and picker from Ziath employs a linear rack reader and ninety-six pins that allow a frozen or thawed sample tube to be raised when a rack is scanned according to a picklist. The use of this innovative technology avoids the need for slow and expensive robotics which can take minutes to

    Pharmaceutics Lab Improves Concentration of Aqueous Samples

    The Department of Biomedical Pharmaceutics at Gifu Pharmaceutical University (Japan) reports how a BioChromato Smart Evaporator C1 fitted with 4-Kit adapter has revolutionised its aqueous sample preparation. The Department of Biomedical Pharmaceutics, headed by Professor Kiyoyuki Kitaichi, is well known for its pioneering collaborative research on illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, and new health food ingredients. However,

    Routine Testing of Balances and Scales- How to Do It Correctly?

    How much time do you spend thinking about the accuracy of your laboratory balance or industrial scale? Probably not much! However, over time the performance of weighing equipment can change due to environmental changes, wear and tear, or non-apparent damage. Routine testing of balances or scales in-between scheduled calibrations helps to maintain accuracy by ensuring

    Identifying contaminants in a cell culture lab

    Contaminants are most commonly of biological nature and can include bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. It is important to limit biological contaminants since they can alter the phenotype and genotype of the cultured cell line through competition for nutrients, synthesis of alkaline, acidic or toxic by-products, and the potential interference of viral components with the

    Compact 4-Position High Pressure Benchtop Reactor

    The Quadracell 4-position high pressure reactor from Asynt is a new synthetic tool for scientists seeking the convenience of routine parallel pressure chemistry in a compact footprint. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the robust Quadracell reactor is simple to set up and to operate, with heating and agitation provided by a standard magnetic hotplate

    Plug and Play Reactor Modules for Flow Chemistry

    Uniqsis offers a range of affordable ‘plug and play’ reactor modules designed to make high performance flow chemistry accessible to everyone. With an operating temperature range of ambient to +300°C, the HotCoil™ reactor heating module represents a cost-effective entry solution into flow chemistry. Simply add your own pumps to create a basic flow chemistry system.