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    lab equipment launches

    Versatile Low Light Barcode Reader

    Ziath announce Cyclops – a new linear and 2D barcode reader for its popular DataPaq™ Mirage, Cube and Express rack readers. Cyclops is designed to accurately read linear or 2D codes printed on the edge of tube racks. This enables laboratories to use racks without an integral “97”th code or orientation barcode on the underside,

    Medix Biochemica expands its molecular diagnostics business through the acquisition of myPOLS Biotec

    Espoo, 1 February 2022 – Life Science Newswire – Medix Biochemica, a global leader in critical IVD raw materials, has acquired 100 percent of the shares of myPOLS Biotec GmbH (“myPOLS Biotec”). As a result of the acquisition, Medix Biochemica broadens its portfolio of molecular diagnostic raw materials for the in vitro diagnostics (“IVD”) industry,

    Lonza Leads Market with Large and HLA-Typed CD34+ Cell Lots for Efficient Humanized Mouse Model Development

    Basel, Switzerland, 07 March 2022 – Lonza has expanded its renowned human stem cell offerings to provide human cord blood CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (CB-CD34+ HSCs) in large batch sizes, meeting a critical and rapidly expanding market need. Lots in a range of sizes are also now available with high-resolution HLA-type information, removing the requirement

    Arctoris and Evariste Technologies form a Joint Venture to Identify Novel Small Molecule cMET Inhibitors for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    07 March 2022, Oxford and London – Life Science Newswire – Arctoris, a tech-enabled biopharma company, and Evariste Technologies, an AI-drug discovery company, today announced they have formed a joint venture to identify novel small molecule kinase inhibitors for treatment of patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Current treatment options for NSCLC are limited,

    Flow chemistry system for high yield heterogeneous catalysis

    The FlowLab Column from Uniqsis is a continuous flow chemistry system developed as an affordable high-performance replacement for conventional stirred batch reactors often used for heterogeneously catalysed liquid phase reactions. Designed to provide highly efficient mixing and excellent control over reaction parameters, the FlowLab Column provides intimate contact between a large excess of catalyst and

    Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Cryo- Electron Microscopy Solutions to Help Drive Groundbreaking Structural Biology Research at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB)

    Mumbai, India, April XX 2022 –Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, recently deployed the state-of-the-art cryo-transmission electron microscope at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, Telangana. The facility was inaugurated by Dr Shekhar Mande, Director-General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Thermo Fisher’s cutting-edge cryo electron microscopes support advanced

    Accelerating Tube Picking & Selection

    The Mohawk tube selector and picker from Ziath employs a linear rack reader and ninety-six pins that allow a frozen or thawed sample tube to be raised when a rack is scanned according to a picklist. The use of this innovative technology avoids the need for slow and expensive robotics which can take minutes to

    Universal UV-Visible Detector for Flow Chemistry

    The Flow-UV™ from Uniqsis is a universal in-line UV-Visible detector that sets a new standard for real time monitoring of continuous flow applications. The compact, high-resolution Flow-UV™ CCD array detector does not require calibration or routine servicing. In contrast to conventional Deuterium UV lamps, the Xenon flash lamp source used in the Flow-UV™ has a

    Synthesis of Well-Defined Polymers

    Researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Institute of Membrane Research in Geesthacht, Germany have used a Uniqsis FlowLab Plus flow chemistry system with glass static mixer reactor blocks to synthesise well defined polymers. Synthesizing well defined polymers, with a narrow Molecular Weight distribution, has traditionally been achieved by using anionic polymerization methodologies. However, precise control of Molecular

    Routine Testing of Balances and Scales- How to Do It Correctly?

    How much time do you spend thinking about the accuracy of your laboratory balance or industrial scale? Probably not much! However, over time the performance of weighing equipment can change due to environmental changes, wear and tear, or non-apparent damage. Routine testing of balances or scales in-between scheduled calibrations helps to maintain accuracy by ensuring

    Top 10 ways that Flow Chemistry will improve your lab life

    Flow reactors bring a wealth of benefits in the synthesis of chemicals.  Many of these advantages derive from the small size of the reactor, allowing rate promoting and elevated conditions to be safely applied – the enhancement then brings about the productivity required to run a reaction in the small reactor. Flow is an area

    Smart Weighing Solutions.….

    Conventionally the weighing machine has been part of human life and no activity of Human life is carried out without any weighing balance. Traditionally we used to use Mechanical weighing balances that are used for various activities and gradually the mechanical balances are transformed into Electronic weighing balances. Mechanical weighing machine consists of many mechanical