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    lab analysis

    Quality control of Pharmaceuticals: Customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry

    Quality control is a fundamental activity of the drug industry. Drugs should be advertised as protected and remedially active formulations whose performance is steady and predictable. New and better therapeutic agents are being delivered at a sped-up rate. Simultaneously really demanding and refined scientific techniques are being created for their assessment. Quality analysis of pharmaceuticals

    Minimizing risks, in a risky environment

    Before my current role I was a bench chemist working diligently in a Fumehood for 95% of the day with the remainder of the time usually populating all those essential COSHH risk assessments for the variety of reagents I’d be using during my catalyst screening experiments. Nowadays, I’m on the other side of the Fumehood

    Parallel Photoreactor Offers Easy Interchangeable Wavelength Excitation

    Asynt has introduced a new modular version of its popular LightSyn Illumin8 photoreactor. This innovative system provides researchers with the flexibility to change quickly and safely between a selection of high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) operating at wavelengths including UV (365 nm) and blue (450 nm). The LightSyn Illumin8 allows chemists to run up to

    Smart Weighing Solutions.….

    Conventionally the weighing machine has been part of human life and no activity of Human life is carried out without any weighing balance. Traditionally we used to use Mechanical weighing balances that are used for various activities and gradually the mechanical balances are transformed into Electronic weighing balances. Mechanical weighing machine consists of many mechanical

    Investigating Variation in Flow from Peristaltic Pumps

    Peristaltic pumps find wide application in modern labs, they are considered inexpensive, easy to use and to maintain and, most important of all, are extremely reliable and flexible. The range of application is huge, from simple transfer of a liquid from one container to another in HPLC and Ion chromatographs, to more complex usage as

    Sartorius announces the Asia Pacific launch of Octet® SF3 SPR: High-Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for Faster Hit Identification

    The Life Science Group Sartorius announces the Asia Pacific launch of Octet® SF3 SPR: High-Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for Faster Hit Identification. Up to now, the Octet® name has been synonymous with Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), a proprietary fluidic-free instrument platform for real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions. This launch establishes Sartorius as the only company

    One of the main advantages of the octet® RED96 BLI system was high throughput-An interview with Dr. Amit Asthana

    In this article, Microbioz India is pleased to share an exclusive interview with Dr Amit Asthana, FTASc on his home-grown research on diagnostic kits development in India. Dr. Amit Asthana, FTASc, is currently holding the position of Associate Professor, & Head, Department of Medical Devices at National Institute of Pharmaceutical, Education, and Research (NIPER), Department

    Scale up your chemistry, scale down your water consumption

    Developed in response to customer demand, the new CondenSyn MAXI from Asynt is ideal for larger scale synthetic chemical reactions and is the latest addition to their popular laboratory air condenser range which is proven in tens of thousands of installations worldwide. The CondenSyn MAXI enables scientists to scale up their experiments effectively from small

    Scanning & Decoding Tube Racks Direct from Low Temperature Storage

    Ziath has published a easy-to-follow video guide to assist scientists and technicians scanning and decoding sample tube racks direct from low temperature storage, especially when withdrawn from vapour phase liquid nitrogen tanks. The remove ice, blotting and scanning protocol is demonstrated to take less than 30 seconds per rack. The tracking and tracing of samples

    Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators 2022 goes to Thi Hoang Duong Nguyen; United Kingdom

    For the 27th time, the Hamburg-based life sciences company Eppendorf SE is awarding its prestigious research prize this year. The independent jury chaired by Prof. Reinhard Jahn selected Dr. Thi Hoang Duong Nguyen, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK as the winner of the Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators 2022.Thi Hoang Duong Nguyen,

    Control module for heated & cooled flow chemistry applications

    The Uniqsis Polar Bear Plus Flow™ is a compact, state of the art temperature control module, that can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with a flow reactor, for both heated and cooled flow chemistry applications. Utilising highly efficient, compressor-based cooling and heating technology the Polar Bear Plus Flow™ can precisely and reliably