Quantitative Elemental Analysis in Research Labs

Quantitative Elemental Analysis in Research Labs


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  • Date: 12 Mar,2020

Workflow description- Pharmaceutical research and development laboratories typically have just a very small amount of each active ingredient they are investigating, often no more than 50–100 mg. As there are many different analyses to be carried out, each substance must be used sparingly.

For quantitative organic elemental analysis, accurate weighing of samples is a prerequisite since results are calculated on a weight percent basis.

Workflow challenges and potential improvements

Typical sample weights for elemental analysis are 3 mg with tolerances lower than ±1%. For this reason a micro- balance with a reliable performance and a low minimum weight is needed to perform the weighing of the sample into the tin or aluminum crucible.

Usually there are performed 2–3 repetitions per analysis and often 20 or more samples a day plus references are analyzed. However weighing such small quantities requires high concentration and experience. There is always the danger to easily mix up the samples as well as to make mistakes in writing 6-decimal place numbers of the weighing result. Transfer the results to a PC or print it out for documentation could avoid manual transcription errors.

Usually space in research laboratories is limited – instruments with a footprint as small as possible are desirable.


To make the most of your valuable resources, XPR microbalances and ultra-microbalances deliver a unique level of accuracy with exceptionally low minimum weights (Fig. 22). By setting up Tolerance Profiles you can ensure weighing tasks meet defined quality requirements and regulations. In addition, as the same profile is used each time a specific task is carried out, you can be sure of consistent settings to guarantee traceable results. The GWP Approved function continuously monitors the balance status and ensures you always weigh within the safe weighing range. An on-screen icon is your reassurance of accurate, reproducible results.

The two-terminal concept simplifies operation: The main terminal can be placed wherever is most convenient and the SmartView terminal sits above the weighing chamber – right where you need it for all the basic functions you want as you carry out your weighing tasks. The compact footprint of the XPR microbalance saves valuable space in your laboratory.

The draft shield provides 270° access to the weighing pan to make dosing of small samples easier and more comfortable.
The results notepad of the XPR microbalance simplifies documentation. As you carry out your tasks, all parameters are automatically recorded on the built-in results notepad, an integral part of the main terminal. You no longer need to record results by hand or spend time typing-in data. Simply transfer task parameters and results to a PC or software application via USB. Transcription errors are completely eliminated and the integrity of your data is preserved.

Fig. 22: The high-resolution XPR microbalance incorporates a range of innovative new technologies to deliver the highest accuracy in theirclass and to help make your micro-weighing tasks simpler, safer and more secure.

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