Now Intake Of Antibodies And Other Drugs Two To Three Times In A Day Is Replaced By Engineered Pills

Now Intake Of Antibodies And Other Drugs Two To Three Times In A Day Is Replaced By Engineered Pills


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  • Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Date: 09 Apr,2016

Researcher from Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed engineered pills that releases drug for long term if once swallowed while attaching with inner lining of gastrointestinal tract. Pills engineered in such a way that one side attach with tissue and other side repels foods and liquids.

The concern research appears in April 6 issue of the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials. According to senior author of research, "This could be adapted to many drugs. Any drug that is dosed frequently could be amenable to this kind of system," says Giovanni Traverso, a research affiliate at MIT's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, a gastroenterologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

The research one of senior author is Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor and a member of the Koch Institute and Young-Ah Lucy Lee is leading author of paper.

Make note that since last few years Langer laboratory developed number of drugs adhere with intestinal lining for long term drug release, they did this brilliant job by using compound named, “Mucoadhesives” which attaches drug with inner linings of GI tract.

As a sample testing researcher uses pigs intestinal tissue to test the adherence of pills they used three type of drug while experimenting named, dual-sided Mucoadhesives tablet, a dual-sided omniphobic tablet, and the Janus version, with one Mucoadhesives side and one omniphobic side. At the results find dual-sided Mucoadhesives tablets only adheres 7 seconds of time while dual-sided omniphobic tablet adheres less than one seconds in turns Janus version adheres up to 10 minutes.

"There are certain medications that are known to get stuck, particularly in the esophagus. It causes this massive amount of inflammation because it gets stuck and it causes irritation," Traverso says.

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Story source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Journal References:

Young-Ah Lucy Lee, Shiyi Zhang, Jiaqi Lin, Robert Langer and Giovanni Traverso. A Janus Mucoadhesive and Omniphobic Device for Gastrointestinal Retention. Advanced Healthcare Materials, April 2016 DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201501036

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