Chinese Researcher Identified Chemical Compound Proved To Be An Anticancer Agent: Recent Study

Chinese Researcher Identified Chemical Compound Proved To Be An Anticancer Agent: Recent Study


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  • Source: The University of Hong Kong

  • Date: 11 Apr,2016

Cancer is a type uncontrolled and an unregulated growth of cells and it is common that the basic size of cancer tumors is not more than one to two millimeters till it is accompanied by angiogenesis stage of development of blood vessels to nourish the tumors and make it able to metastasize. So, compound inhibiting angiogenesis generally used to control the growth of tumors and in present Avastin® type of compound used to treat the cancer.

Cortistatin A type of chemical compound isolated from marine sponges of Indonesian river is a powerful agent to block angiogenesis and proved to best chemical agent for treatment of cancer apart from theses this chemical compound also proved to be best anti HIV agent and it is more difficult to collect this chemical compound from natural resources so researcher synthesized this chemical compound in laboratory for better use in research as well as drug development. The concern research led by team of researcher named, Professor Chiu's and his two Ph.D students named Kuang Liping and Liu Lok-lok, applied type of chemical reactions named cycloaddition reaction to optimized central seven membered ring structure. The research recently appears in Chemistry-A European Journal.

According to researcher,

"The invention of new chemistry reactions is an extremely important field of research, because each new reaction is an enabling tool, and can open doors to the synthesis of many important molecules. In this case, the cycloaddition reaction we developed is the key step in our strategy that enabled our synthesis of cortistatin A to be accomplished efficiently," said Professor Chiu.

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Story source: The University of Hong Kong

Journal References:

Liping Kuang, Lok Lok Liu, Pauline Chiu. Formal Total Synthesis of ( )-Cortistatins A and J. Chemistry – A European Journal, 2015; 21 (41): 14287 DOI: 10.1002/chem.201502890

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