New Techniques May Help In Improving Fairness Of Dosing Of Drugs In ICUs And Its Effect On Kidney Cells: New Study

New Techniques May Help In Improving Fairness Of Dosing Of Drugs In ICUs And Its Effect On Kidney Cells: New Study


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: University of Michigan

  • Date: 07 May,2016

Researcher from University of Michigan recently working on an interesting techniques and develops “Kidney on Chip” techniques that used to mimic the effect of drugs over normal human kidneys during medication. The new technique may help in reducing the risk of kidneys injury while medication in intensive care units.

According to Researcher,

"When you administer a drug, its concentration goes up quickly and it's gradually filtered out as it flows through the kidneys," said Shuichi Takayama, U-M professor of biomedical engineering. "A kidney on a chip enables us to simulate that filtering process, providing a much more accurate way to study how medications behave in the body."

This is believed to be the first time such a device has been used to study how a medication behaves in the body over time, called its "pharmacokinetic profile."

While experimenting scientist using two system of applying doses of drugs that normally used in intensive Care Units named, Gentamycin, and used a type of microfluidic device that double layered with a thin, permeable polyester membrane and a layer of cultured kidney cells between top and bottom compartments and they flowed Gentamycin solution into the top compartment where the drug is gradually filtered through membranes and simulating the through of medication through human kidneys. The other test simulated a slow infusion of the drug, using a lower concentration that stayed constant.

And at the result they found that daily dose of medication is less harmful than continuous flow of drugs. They showed that a kidney on a chip device can be used to study the flow of medication through human organs.

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Story source: University of Michigan

References: Shuichi Takayama et al. Pharmacokinetic profile that reduces nephrotoxicity of gentamicin in a perfused kidney-on-a-chip. Biofabrication, March 2016

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