New Method To Test Viruses In Primates Without Anycontact: Research Study

New Method To Test Viruses In Primates Without Anycontact: Research Study


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: University of California:Davis

  • Date: 08 Jul,2016

Researcher from University of California – Davis recently developed a technique to detect viruses in endangered species of gorilla having habitat in mountain and forests without any contact with them, yes this is very interesting do you know why?

Answer is Researcher used chewed bark, leaves and fruits discarded by gorillas help in detection of viruses in apes without any contact.

The research study recently appeared in American Journal of Primatology.

According to data about 800 endangered gorillas live in the Virunga Conservation Range, and out of these about 60% of them are related with ecotourism with habituated with human beings so resulting high risk high risk for contacting human pathogens. Certain infectious disease induced by human is great challenge to this primate for their existence in wild.

"This is the first time that viruses have been detected on plants chewed by primates," said lead author Tierra Smiley Evans, a graduate student at the One Health Institute. "This is a technique people can use without disturbing the primate's natural behaviors."

This is great work done by our researcher to maintain our Ecolife as well as Wild primates and no doubt may save number of endangered species. "The best part of my Ph.D. experience. I got to go with the parks' advanced tracking teams in the morning and be with the group of gorillas for a few hours before the tourists arrived. I got to observe them, see what they were eating, and collect samples. I was able to recognize individuals after several visits to a group. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

Story source: University of California – Davis

Journal References:

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