Microbes Can Prevent Environmental Damage Recent Studies Suggest

Microbes Can Prevent Environmental Damage Recent Studies Suggest


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: University of Tennessee

  • Date: 12 May,2015

Terry Hazen, the Governor’s Chair for Environmental Biotechnology a joint UT-ORNL appointment with his team working on recent tools with his co-workers and suggests the tool so valuable while preventing our environmental damages.

We all well know that maximum infectious and contagious diseases are due to number of microbes related directly or indirectly with our environment. And these illness either soil borne or water borne is one of biggest health problem for the world and more as our society.

The tools developed by scientist can easily identified different pollutants of water and in our environment and this leads to more precautions and protection against different disease causing pathogens.

According to Terry Hazen:

“Bacteria can be a great bio-sensor for the environment,” said Hazen, who holds appointments in environmental engineering, microbiology and earth and planetary sciences at UT. “Critically, even if you can’t see the contaminant, the bacteria will react a certain way if pollutants have been there in the past.”


“By using the latest techniques in DNA sequencing we can determine the community structure and model it to test for contamination,” said Hazen. “We’ve used it on our testing grounds of ninety-three well clusters in Oak Ridge with hundreds of different parameters and were able to get consistent results for uranium, nitrate, and pH concentrations in the groundwater.“It also accurately predicted oil in water samples taken during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

This experiment can reveal more fantastic differentiate among all the peoples living their live highly dependent on water or sea shore and more as all those peoples having great exposure towards environment.

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