How accurate is reagent dispensing system?

Microbioz India, April , 2023 Issue

Cover Story : "How accurate is reagent dispensing system?"

How accurate is reagent dispensing system?

Automation techniques in the lab have a significant amount of untapped potential to speed up the discovery process. They offer a better level of efficiency and throughput for time-consuming screening procedures and reduce the number of manual stages, which increase the risk of human error. The optimisation of chemical reactions is one area that can benefit from the automation of repetitive activities, for example. How accurate is reagent dispensing system? is this month's cover story, contributed by Testa Analytical Solutions. TESTA Analytical has launched a new PC App to expand its versatility and further simplify using their Solvent Line Monitor device. The intuitive PC App allows easy configuration of the device enabling users to set the required level of sensitivity for monitoring for the presence of undissolved gas bubbles that can affect the accuracy of any reagent dispensing pump. Dissolved gases are well known to have an impact on the performance of reagent dispensing pumps. A common solution to address this problem is to install a vacuum degasser on the inlet side of the pump. Read more..


7000RMS :Real-time, On-line Microbial Monitoring – For Pharmaceutical Waters

The 7000RMS combines two well-established measurement techniques, laser-induced fluorescence and Mie scattering, to count individual microorganisms present in pharmaceutical grade waters. Read more

Microbial Identification by MALDI-TOF-MS: An advanced, Rapid and High Throughput Identification system 

Most of the MALDI-TOF-MS Microbial ID providers have a facility to update the database periodically and create their own database of their own isolates. Read more..

Refractive Index Detector Kits for HPLC & uHPLC

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Network enabled remote sample management

Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols – DP5 Network from Ziath sets the standard for 2D rack decoding software that can be run.. Read more..