Compact temperature-controlled batch Photoreactor

Microbioz India, March , 2023 Issue

Cover Story : "Compact temperature-controlled batch Photoreactor"

Compact temperature-controlled batch Photoreactor

A photoreactor is a type of chemical reactor that interacts photons, a photocatalyst, and reactants while also gathering the reaction products that result from physicochemical reactions. It can work in a variety of temperature and pressure settings and take on numerous forms and behaviours. Establishing a photoreactor's kind, mode of operation, size, and ideal operating circumstances involves designing it. Compact temperature-controlled batch Photoreactor is this month's cover story, contributed by Uniqsis Ltd. Uniqsis has announced SolsticeTM, a tiny, temperature-controlled batch photoreactor that combines cost, excellent performance, and flexibility, for synthesis labs wanting to conduct small scale photochemical processes. Read more


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