Green laboratory: Building Sustainable Pharma and Research Labs

Microbioz India, July , 2023 Issue

Cover Story : "Green laboratory: Building Sustainable Pharma and Research Labs"

Green laboratory: Building Sustainable Pharma and Research Labs

The term "Green Labs" is the most used one for referring to programs that assist laboratories in decreasing their footprints while maintaining the same level of research quality and safety. The goal of this strategy, which is carried out collaboratively, is to maximize productivity while reducing waste in the areas of energy, water, and materials. Green laboratory :Building Sustainable Pharma and Research Labs is this month's cover story, contributed by Microbioz India editorial. Research in the scientific field is extremely important for society, but it also has a big negative impact on the surrounding environment because it consumes a lot of energy and resources. Scientists are in a good position to grasp the growing climatic and ecological catastrophes, but they may be unaware of how significantly their research and other activities related to their jobs contribute to pollution and emissions. Read more. 


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