Cell and Gene Therapy: Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know

Microbioz India, June , 2023 Issue

Cover Story : "Cell and Gene Therapy: Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know"

Cell and Gene Therapy: Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know

Cell and gene therapies are ground-breaking new types of therapy that have more durable effects than conventional treatments. These medicines' full potential is just now starting to become clear. In order to potentially treat, cure, or prevent a disease or complex medical issues, scientists can now address and edit genes or replace defective genes with healthy ones thanks to these breakthroughs. Both have the ability to address the fundamental causes of both hereditary and acquired disorders, although each therapy's method is unique while occasionally being combined. Cell and Gene Therapy: Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know is this month's cover story, contributed by Microbioz India editorial. Biopharmaceutical firms are undergoing a paradigm shift as a result of ongoing developments in cell and gene therapy (CGT), which has the potential to heal certain diseases. Read more..


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