Longevity science company Human Edge signs MoU with IIT Bombay

Longevity science company Human Edge signs MoU with IIT Bombay


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  • Date: 09 May,2023

In its endeavour to fortify its technological capabilities, Human Edge, an investor-funded longevity science company, has announced its partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Human Edge has been welcomed as the latest member of the Industry Research Partnership Program (IRPP) of Wadhwani Research Centre for Bioengineering (WRCB), a world-class translational research centre at IIT-B.

The partnership will bring together scientific experts and students from IIT Bombay, along with relevant faculty on scientific reviews, and field trials for discovering biomarkers, assessments, and effective interventions to optimize performance, potentially leading to scientific publications. Through this association, Human Edge is accessing the IIT deep-tech ecosystem for its well-being programs that are rooted in deep science. The startup will also access the broader framework for research at IIT.

Dr Abdur Rub, Chief Executive Officer, WRCB said “HumanEdge is a visionary company aiming to reverse the current paradigm of sickness care to achieve optimal health and wellness. To do so, Human Edge employs state of the art tools and technologies in healthcare and life sciences. Wadhwani Research Center at IIT Bombay is happy to have HumanEdge as an industry partner and is looking forward to facilitating research and development of state of the art technologies that will have transformational impact on human health.”

One such partnership fostered through WRCB is with Clarity Bio Systems India Pvt Ltd. On the collaboration with Human Edge, Pramod Wangikar, professor at IIT Bombay and founder of Clarity Bio, said: “Together we hope to develop tests that will provide indicators of high performance and potentially early diagnosis of lifestyle disorders to quantify wellbeing more scientifically.”

Human Edge leverages deep science to optimize well-being, performance, and health span using wearables, molecular biomarkers, and computational and systems biology to personalize interventions for effective outcomes. “Being a longevity science company, we are very proud to be associated with a premier institute like IIT Bombay doing path-breaking work on biological sciences. These efforts over the next few years will allow us to potentially create world-class technology and solutions to improve global healthspan,” says Dr Marcus Ranney, Founder & CEO, Human Edge.

This partnership augments Human Edge’s advisory board and academic relationships, which already boasts a global network featuring renowned scientists, coaches, and other experts. Some of the scientific minds associated with Human Edge include: Dr. Nir BarzilaiDirector, Einstein Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstien College for Medicine; Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus, Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona; and Dr. Matt Kaeberlin, Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Washington amongst others.

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