Liraglutide Has Combo Effect Of Treating Diabetes As Well As Help In Obesity Control: Research Study

Liraglutide Has Combo Effect Of Treating Diabetes As Well As Help In Obesity Control: Research Study


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Date: 07 May,2016

Researcher from UT Southwestern Medical Center found that a newly designed drug named Liraglutide has several effect of treating diabetes and control insulin secretion and glucagon management. Generally insulin and glucagon secreted by certain specialized named Alfa and beta cells.

Under Diabetes 2 several patients’ starts taking insulin injections and drug for insulin secretion but this newly designed drug wipe out these all with its multiple combo effect which increases insulin secretion; it reduces hunger; and it decreases glucagon secretion. To raise out this research researcher experimenting over 71 Type 2 diabetes patients who injecting insulin on daily basis.And at the result of while treating with doses of Liraglutide and placebo add to their current treatment with the average HbA1C level of patients taking the drug dropping from 8.9 to 8, while long-term blood sugar levels were unchanged in the placebo group. The Liraglutide patients also lost 4 ½ pounds on average, while the placebo group gained a small amount on average.

According to Researcher,

"This is less improvement than we normally see with Liraglutide in patients who are not on insulin, but this is a huge improvement in a population that is so difficult to treat," said Dr. Lingvay.

Although the study was blinded — neither patients nor researchers knew which group a patient was assigned to — Ms. Sweat said that after a few weeks of being in the study she was sure that she had been assigned to the Liraglutide group because her blood sugars were dropping dramatically.

rnMs.Sweat is patient suffering with type 2 diabetes and was treated for diabetes first oral drug of insulin then daily doses of insulin injection and her hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C), a measure of blood sugar control over a three-month period, was always higher than it should be. She is centralized with study of Liraglutide.

Story Source/Credit: UT Southwestern Medical Center

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